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{Updated} Travis Kelce Ex Wife: Who is his Ex Girlfriend? Is He Playing Tonight?

The article highlights the details about Travis Kelce Ex Wife and the recent news about the allegations imposed on him.

Have you heard of Travis Kelce? The American footballer has constantly been in the news for his personal life and relationships with his ex, Kayla Nicole. People from the United States are curious to know the index information about the NFL player after he was accused of cheating.

In this article, we will discuss the details of Travis Kelce Ex Wife and its associated information. Stay tuned for more details.

Disclaimer: We do not intend to hurt the feelings and sentiments of people associated with the information, and the news provided here is taken from online sources.

Details on Travis Kelce Ex Wife 

Speculations were right that Travis married secretly but has not opened up. He was dating Kayla Nicole from 2014 to 2019, but recently, his ex-girlfriend, Maya Benberry, accused him of cheating on her for a month in 2017. He hosted his dating show called Catching Kelce. 

Not only that, Maya went public and reportedly mentioned on Twitter that when they were together, she found out that Travis and Kela had already been dating for over 6 months. She backlashed the American footballer for dating two women simultaneously and cheating.

Who is Travis Kelce Ex Girlfriend?

Travis Kelce is known for his various relationships. He started dating Kayla Nicole in 2014, just after he broke up with Maya Benberry. The two of them announced their split in August 2020, and there were rumors of infidelity being the major reason for this split. Nicole deleted pictures of them from all her social media accounts, but in the shocking news, they both reunited later. 

There were also rumors that Travis was upset about splitting their finances with the model, but Nicole got to her Twitter account and said that all the allegations imposed on them were false and baseless. The couple shared good times together and had no monetary issues.

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Is Travis Kelce Playing Tonight?

We are not aware whether Travis Kelce will be joining the team again as he was injured during the practice, due to which he could not attend the Thursday’s match. However, we saw Travis returning to practice before the second week, and we hope he makes it to the team for the upcoming game in the week.

Travis is known as one of the strongest Kansas City Chiefs and has been one of the best performers in the NFL. Travis missed a match due to his injury last week, and unfortunately, his team did not perform well, and this was the first time when he got injured so severely that he had to miss the match.

What is the relationship status between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift?

The NFL player is believed to be dating Taylor Swift but we are not sure whether the news id true. Taylor has been married for years and the news of them dating came as a shock to people.There are no reports of Travis Kelce Ex Wife as he is not married.

As per the latest sources, we have come to know that there might be a chance that Travis Kelce will be playing in the second week.

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Travis Kelce is recently in the news for his injury and the latest allegations by his ex-girlfriend about him cheating on her. Apart from this, the NFL match is going on at full pace, and those interested can watch it on September 17, 2023. We are hoping to see Travis Kelce in the Week 2 match.

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