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Travel Paid Write for Us: Check 2023 Guidelines Here!

It is the ultimate guide for those who are seeking a professional content-writing platform with Travel Paid Write for Us.

Do you have excellent writing skills? Or do you want to enhance your content writing profession? If yes, we will share a world-recognized platform where you can post your write-up. On this platform, you can learn new professional content writing besides just posting your article. 

To know how you can write for this platform, what are the guidelines to write for this platform? It is an excellent opportunity for those seeking a content writing platform to grow their career. To know every detail about following the Travel Paid Write for Us till last.

What is Rationalinsurgent?

Rationalinsurgent is a globally recognized news, website, and product review company. We are known for publishing quality, genuine, and treading news reports. Our company has a number of national and international audiences who read our quality content. 

Besides this, we have a team of content writers who believe in delivering the delayed researched quality content to our audience. To know more about us, please visit rationalinsurgent.com.

We want to clarify that we don’t entrain any partnership and affiliation on our website. But we welcome all passionate writers who want to share their valuable knowledge and skills related to travelling. 

How Write for us helps?

Writing has become a blooming passion and opportunity through which people from all professions accumulate many perks. The content creation industry is increasing, allowing interested people to learn more. 

We have decided to grow more since the increased traffic rate to our website, and now, in the below passage, we have illustrated the job description for convenience.

Guidelines for Write for Us + Travel Paid Guest Post

Here are some basic guidelines that a writer must have to follow. These guidelines are explained below.

  • The content must be unique, as we don’t accept any content with even 1% of plagiarism.
  • Promotional activity is strictly prohibited. 
  • Your write-up must be SEO-friendly. To make your content SEO friendly, the blogger can use interrogative words in their article such as when, how, much, and where. It helps your content to list higher on search engines.
  • The spam score of your article must be in between 1 to 3. 
  • The Write for Us Travel Paid must be organized and planned so it would be easy for everyone to read and understand the post.
  • The content shouldn’t be provoking, aggressive or unethical language. 
  • Your write-up must meet the word limit requirement. The word limit must be 1000 words for a post. However, to meet the guideline, the Writer must not use filling sentences and words in their write-up.
  • Your post must be free from any spelling or grammatical error in the content. Your content must have more than a 98+ Grammarly score.
  • The content must be easy to understand and have a good readability score. However, your “Write for Us” + Travel Paid readability must be more than 90%, as we don’t accept content below this Grammarly score.
  • Your write-up must result from good research and be based on current information and factual data. However, make sure that you research the content from authentic sources only.

Know the Topics!

  • How can you plan your solo trip?
  • What mistakes should a beginner traveler avoid?
  • Top places to visit 
  • What are the benefits of traveling?
  • How can you plan a budget trip?

You can share your knowledge and experience on the topics mentioned above. But besides these topics, you can choose your topic also. As you share your experience with your audience, it would be catchy and interesting for the reader. It will help you to get more traffic to your website.

What are the benefits of writing a Travel Paid + “Write for Us” Guest Post?

  • As soon as you write your post, you can check your writing skills with SERP.
  • You can move traffic on your respective blog link.  
  • Your confidence level will boost as you can reach a large number of people across the world. 
  • You can guide people with your traveling experience and how they can avoid those mistakes to gain more success. 
  • People will love sharing if your content is engaging and knowledgeable. This will enormously increase the traffic on your website. 

These are some key benefits that the user will gain while writing for us.

How do you submit your write-up?

You can write a sample using these guidelines if you find yourself good for this platform. As soon as you finish your writing, you need to send it at jacksonhnry59@gmail.com. If our quality analysis team finds your post good, we will contact you within 24 hours.


Travel Paid “Write for Us” is a golden opportunity for all those looking for a professional content writing platform. Here you can enhance your writing skills while posting your content; all you need to do is follow the guidelines and send your sample to the email id mentioned above. 

Was this guest post writing helpful for you? What are your views? Please share in the comment section below.

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