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A lot is happening with the Tranzact Card LLC in the United States. Did you know the situation of TranzactCard is visible with the feedback for customers, franchises, and endorsers? Additionally, after TranzactCard lost its banking service providers, and Richard Smith’s name was highlighted. Let’s check about the Tranzact Card Scam.

About TranzactCard Scam:

Firstly, TranzactCard takes the services of Visa service providers, obtained via Evolve, Trust, and CBW Bank. Solid was a banking service provider for TranzactCard. Solid is a popular entity with over $10 billion in Fintech transactions. However, Solid terminated its banking services for TranzactCard on 2nd/September/2023.

Secondly, TranzactCard announced that it is going through a transition and will opt for a new Bank Identification Number(BIN) from a direct community bank. 

No individual reviews were present for TranzactCard services and More than 30 website and video Tranzact Card Reviews had mixed feedback.

Thirdly, TranzactCard acknowledged on 31st/August/2023 that it could not fund TranzactCard accounts as its banking platform is experiencing issues. Later, TranzactCard issued a counter statement to its affiliates that its Visa card would be functional for payments and withdrawals.

But, in another email, TranzactCard stated that funds cannot be deposited in existing accounts, as all active bank cards and accounts will be closed by the end of September. Hence, available funds must be withdrawn from Evolve and Solid bank accounts!

The name of Richard Smith was highlighted. Richard’s name was featured in various scams and ponzi sachems. Hence, people suspected a Tranzact Card Scam. Richard Smith is an entrepreneur known for diversified investments in sick banks, cryptos, Etc. 

All these factors made TranzactCard affiliates and customers suspicious of a possible scam.

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TranzactCard Ponzi affiliate schemes:

TranzactCard offered bonuses, Basis Credits, and rewards on bonuses to its top management and all stakeholders. It provided a Digital Bank Office(DBO) franchise for $495, which is unrealistic. With the reputation of Solid Bank, people are dubious if DBO at such a low rate is possible! Further, TranzactCard pays back the $495 as a $500 rebate.

The DBO has to acquire another three DBOs under them to get a portion from the community revenue pool; considered to review Tranzact Card Scam. One of the DBOs reported that when they wanted to close their franchise and requested a refund, there was no response from TranzactCard.

TranzactCard Ponzi customer schemes:

TranzactCard is offered for a $ 25-lifetime fee(no annual fee)! Further, the customers can refer their family and friends. Under the referral scheme, the referee earns a bonus for each spent by his referrals. TranzactCard offers one ZBucks for one dollar spent. ZBucks can be used for purchases on Z-store(beta), which provides an unrealistic 95%+ discount. Several customers believed that Z-store is a clearance store selling outdated articles.

Tranzact Card Scam:

TranzactCard offered double the ZBucks for the first year. Though TranzactCard is supported by Evolve, Trust, and CBW Bank, it claims to be FDIC-insured. Its affiliate and customer referral schemes are MLM-based. TranzactCard claimed to expand as big as Amazon’s business in the future.

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TranzactCard LLC was not found on BBB and D&B. The physical address mentioned for TranzactCard at UT is fake. Its registered address in WY corresponds to a company registry service provider, MBC LLC. gained 75.4% business, 92% trust, and a low 10% suspicion score. But, due to recent changes, the presence of Richard Smith, unrealistic MLM and Ponzi schemes, TranzactCard seems not entirely legitimate.

Tranzact card – an mlm? a scam??
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