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[Full Watch Video] Trahedya Sa Antique Viral Video And Photos: Check This Real Clip Details Here!

Look into Trahedya SA Antique Viral Video And Photos and learn about the Actual incidentCheck updates by watching Real footage.

What led to the attention-grabbing spectacle of a viral video claiming to show the tragic Antique bus crash? Imagine a scenario where people want to get details on the information spreading like wildfire.

The incident is fuming on the Philippines news channels. Its Trahedya SA Antique Viral Video And Photos is trending on social media. Get the details of the devastating incident and more in the post below. 

Details on Trahedya SA Antique Viral Video And Photos  

A video claiming to capture the tragic Antique bus crash circulated on Facebook, garnering over 71,000 views. The misleading footage suggested it was from inside the ill-fated bus, leading to debates on the incident’s causes. 

Details on Trahedya SA Antique Viral Video And Photos  

The video and photos roaming online are used from Bukidnon’s 2019 bus accident clip, falsely portraying it as the recent Antique tragedy. Despite being proven inaccurate by the Antique Provincial Government, the video sparked national attention, stirring discussions on potential reasons behind the crash, such as brake failure or unsafe road conditions.

Probe to identify Trahedya SA Antique Actual Video

Despite widespread sharing, the sensational video has been proven false. The misleading Facebook post generated a misleading narrative about the tragic incident. PCol Rogelio Abran Jr., the Provincial Director of the Philippine National Police, affirmed the initiation of investigations to uncover the origins of the unreliable content.

Accountability measures are underway to identify and hold responsible members accountable for spreading misinformation. The Antique Provincial Government has issued a public advisory discrediting the footage and revealing that the Trahedya SA Antique Real Video from the bus was unrecoverable.

Overview of the Trahedya SA Antique Incident

On December 5th, 2022, a devastating incident unfolded in Antique, Philippines, as a Ceres bus operated by Vallacar Transit Inc. met with a tragic crash. The incident occurred around 4:00 PM while the bus crossed the mountainous route from Iloilo to Culasi, Antique. 

The bus, carrying passengers, suddenly diverged off the road in Barangay Igbucagay, Hamtic, falling 20 feet into a deep rift. 

Overview of the Trahedya SA Antique Incident

Early speculations on watching Trahedya SA Antique Actual Video centered on possible causes, such as brake failure or a punctured tire. However, subsequent examinations revealed no clear mechanical faults, leaving human error or misjudgment and the challenging road conditions as potential factors.

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Consequences of the Incident

This tragedy claimed the lives of 18 individuals, marking it as a profound and distressing event that gripped the nation. It has prompted Vallacar Transit Inc. to express condolences, pledging to cover medical and burial expenses. 

The Antique Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office reported four victims in good condition, four improving, and two in critical status.

The misleading Trahedya SA Antique Viral Video And Photos continue to fuel public conspiracy and discussions surrounding the actual causes of the tragic Antique bus crash. 

Comments from public

Comments varied, with some pointing fingers at Vallacar Transit for alleged cost-cutting on maintenance, while others blamed inadequate safety measures on the hazardous mountain pass. It is crucial to base discussions on evidence rather than unfounded claims.

People are curious to get a glimpse of the incident sight. Though it is not available online, we can expect updates. Let us understand where to watch Trahedya SA Antique Real Video.

Watch the original video and updates.

View the authentic video and stay informed about the incident using the suggestion below.

  • Follow the social media accounts of Vallacar Transit Inc. for official statements.
  • Look for real-time updates on reputable local Antique news channels like dyRI Antique Radio and GMA TV-2.
  • Stay connected with national networks like ABS-CBN News, Philippine Daily Inquirer, CNN Philippines, and GMA News.
  • Stay away from misleading information and only trust verified sources.



A misleading Trahedya SA Antique Viral Video And Photos fueled the Antique bus crash. It demands accurate information and evidence-based discussions. The incident, claiming lives and sparking debates, emphasizes the importance of reliable sources and updates from trustworthy channels.

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