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Touhou Tower Assault Codes: What Details Are Available on Trello? Check Wiki Here!

In this article, we will give information about Touhou Tower Assault Codes, the beneficial information, and the correct way to redeem them.

Do you frequently search for the top gaming zone in Roblox? What is Touhou Tower Assault game? Why are netizens everywhere asking for the redeeming codes of the Touhou Tower game? Since its launch, Roblox has been one of the leading games for PC and mobile players.

Worldwide, Roblox games have a huge diversity of fans. Some people play the game to enjoy while others play to earn money. Roblox never disappoints users with its high-quality gaming experience and smooth performance. People are asking for the new map Touhou Tower Assault Codes to fulfil their dream in anime stories. 


Touhou Assault Codes

Players demand the free code to redeem multiple equipment and items from the inventory. The new map has multiple regards that will give you many options and fun to enjoy in the game. You can try out this course to earn particular items:

  • 600 Likes: 12 Talent Shards, 300 Coins, 200 Crystals.
  • 300 Likes: 8 Talent Shards, 250 Coins, 150 Crystals.
  • 100 Likes: 4 Talent Shards, 200 Coins, 500 Crystals.
  • 500 Favorites: 12 Talent Shards, 400 Coins, 200 Crystals.

You can redeem this code inside the Roblox map while playing the Touhou Tower Assault game.

Touhou Tower Assault Trello

Not only people like the Touhou Tower Assault game, but people also want to save their progress so that they can resume their progress. Gamers are keeping a record of their progress so that in case of any data loss, they can find what they have done in the past. Additionally, they are using Trello to update their progress and save it in the gaming list to avoid data loss.

However, if you close the Roblox and exit the game, then it will begin from the start. But with the help of Trello, you can save your progress and continue from the same stage whenever you want.

Touhou Tower Assault Wiki

The new players, unaware of the Touhou anime series, are asking about the story behind the game. It is the same as the regular towel battle in which year to protect your base by building a defensive wall against your enemy. 

The only story of the game differentiates it from the other Tower battles game. Touhou Tower Assault is based on the popular anime series Touhou Project. You can select your characters accordingly based on your favourite character from the anime series and enjoy the battle. You can also read multiple equipment pieces from the shop or use a free code to get high-defensive items.

Expired Touhou Tower Assault Codes

Roblox lovers are never satisfied with the available codes. They keep digging to get more codes and enjoy the highest power on the map. Some people like to see more about expired codes that could benefit them. The search for free codes never ends.

You can visit our website again if you are looking for the upcoming codes. Once there is a new code, we will update the information as soon as possible. Additionally, the good news for the Gamers is that there are no expired codes that you have missed out on.

How to redeem items via Touhou Tower Assault Codes

New Roblox players are unaware of how to redeem codes and how these are helpful. With the help of this course, you can redeem multiple items and add to them your inventory, so while building the defensive wall you can use that equipment. These types of equipment will add additional strength and durability from enemies, giving you a higher possibility of winning the round.

You can easily follow the steps to redeem the free codes:

  • First, you need to enter the map to see the redeeming option.
  • Once you get on the main renewal, see a gift option.
  • Click on the gift option, and it will pop up a screen where you can enter the Touhou Tower Assault Codes.
  • You can select any course according to your desire and click the enter key.
  • Soon after pressing the enter key, you will receive all the items in your inventory.

Quick Updates and learning about the game

You almost learned most of the process for the game from this article. But if you are a basic player, joining the Discord server to find more information would be useful. You can connect with the official discord server of the Roblox and Touhou Tower Assault Wiki to fetch useful information and basic learning guides.

Note: If you are facing an error after entering the code and can’t redeem the item, there might be a mistake in the spelling or alphabet. We recommend you copy and paste the code to avoid any errors.

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Final Verdict 

The new exciting map of Roblox is creating hype among the players. The new map Touhou Tower is based on the popular anime series Touhou Project. Now you can easily enjoy the game and select your favourite character to play the game. Additionally, you get an advantage by using the free codes to get more items in the game.

Which anime game would you like to play in Roblox? Comment below.

Touhou Tower Assault Codes: FAQs

Q1 How many gamers have given thumbs up for the Touhou Tower map?

In Roblox, more than 1.4 K people have given Thumbs Up to the Touhou Tower game.

Q2 Who is the developer of the Touhou Tower Assault?

The Gensokyo Development team develops the Touhou Tower Assault.

Q3 What is the minimum age instruction for this map?

There is no age restriction for this map.

Q4 When was the Touhou Tower game created?

The game was created on 30 November 2022.

Q5 What is the Touhou Tower server size?

The maximum server size is 15.

Q6 Which is the top free Touhou Tower Assault Code?

You can use 500 Favorites and 300 Likes to redeem the maximum number of items.

Q7 Can we customise the cloth and save it in the inventory according to our choice?

You can customise your clothes and choose the best outfit, but you must repurchase it on your next visit.

Q8 When was the Touhou Tower game last updated?

Lastly, the game was uploaded on 19 June 2023.

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