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Top Maine Lobster Com: Check Is It A Scam Or Legit Site

This post on the Top Maine Lobster com will inform the online readers on the Scam of Maine Lobster. Please read.

Are you fond of eating non-veg food? Have you ever tried Maine Lobster which is one of the tastiest species of Lobster? Top Maine Lobster com has been trending online after a scam in the name of Maine Lobster was trending in the United States. In this post, we will update the online readers about the sites offering Maine Lobster and the scam in the name of it.

Know About Top Maine Lobster com

As per our research, Maine Lobster is one of the 49 species of lobster. Various online sites sell Maine Lobster like Top Maine Lobster. This website delivers fresh seafood including Maine Lobster to your doorstep. You can order Alaskan king crab legs, Jonah Crab, snow crab, and other varieties of lobster. This site provides a long list of delicious food items that can make your lunch or dinner delightful. You can also avail free shipping offer on this website by purchasing items for more than $50. 

Top Maine Lobster Scam

We have found that a scam is going on in the name of delivering Maine Lobster. The online sites revealed that people have been ordering Maine Lobster from the online site and making payments via online modes of payment like PayPal. However, the payment gets deducted and the order is confirmed by the online site, but they did not receive any ingredient from the site. Thus, the scam was trending on social media and online sites. So, you should be careful while ordering any food item from the online sites.

Legitimacy of the Top Maine Lobster!

It is important to know if the Top Maine Lobster Scam website or a legit place to order food items. So, here are some important points to note. Please go through it.

  • Trust Index: The Top Maine Lobster website received a 3.5 percent trust index which is an abysmal score.
  • Reviews of Customer: We could see the reviews and ratings on the official site, but no online review sites shared any reviews.
  • Registration Date: October 25, 2023, is the creation date of the Top Maine Lobster. It is a newly registered online site. 
  • Phishing Score: It received a high phishing score of 82 percent.
  • Malware Score: The online site has a 17 percent malware score.
  • Data Protection: Top Maine Lobster com is protected via the HTTPS protocol. Thus, your data is saved here.

How is Maine Lobster different from other lobsters? 

Maine Lobster is less salty as compared to other lobsters. As it is found in cold regions of the Northeast, it has a sweet taste and tender meat. This is the reason it is most demanded by people. You can check out the details of Credit card Scamming.


Summing up this post, we found that the online site was registered around five days ago and it got a poor trust index. However, there is another online scam going on. So, you must stay aware of the fake online sites and check out the details of PayPal Scamming. To know more details on Main Lobster, click this link from other online shopping sites. 

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DISCLAIMER: We shared details on this website after doing research online. We do not target any particular website while sharing about this scam. 

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