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Top King Crab Scam: Explore Legitimacy And Detailed Reviews Here

Read extensively consolidated details in this Reviews of Top King Crab Scam to learn about its features, services, and authenticity.

Are you looking to buy crabs to make luxurious seafood dishes? Are you looking to buy crabs from an online website that offers them for cheaper rates in the United States? Due to its delicate tastes of sweet, salty, and buttery flavors, several varieties are offered at Let’s read Reviews of Top King Crab Scam.

About Top King Crab Scam: is a website selling ready-to-cook crabs. The mission statement of was irrelevant to its e-business, as it spoke about selling collections for every type of person, hobby, and sport. Further, its mission statement was plagiarized.

The features of was launched by Thunder Wing (HK) Technology Co Limited, located at Unit 83, 3rd floor, Yue Lai Centre, 45 Kaiyuan Avenue, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The company was established on 7th/August/2018, with a Commercial Registration# 2731363. Hence, is a shell e-commerce site running the business in the USA, as ascertained in Top King Crab Reviews. is the customer service email. did not include a contact number. takes 2-days to process an order and up to 20-days for delivery. Orders can be tracked at supports English, Deutsch, and Français. 

The payments are taken in USD/GBP/EUR/CAD/AUD/INR/JPY via Amex/ApplePay/DKPay/DinnersClub/FPX/JCB/MastroCard/UnionPay/Visa.’s return policy is for general items and not specific to seafood. Refunds are processed within 7 working days to the mode of payment used at relays its services using server serial# 0a3787645e5fb48c224efd1bed140c3c targeting and located in the USA. LLC is the registrar of CloudFlare Inc from the USA is the ISP provider for

Top King Crab Reviews of traffic: hosted 179 backlinks, including six do-followup links. The Tranco Topkingcrab’s traffic rank is poor. has an average of zero visitor count monthly, yielding a $0 traffic value. is a slow website with a landing page size of 2. MB, a load time of 2.17 seconds, with a 67% D-performance grade. 

The legitimacy of gained a below-average 47% trust, 3.8% business, 10% suspicion, 71% threat, 50% phishing, 5% spam, and 71% malware scores, a zero Alexa rank, and 1/100 Domain Authority. uses a secured HTTPS protocol, and the website is not blacklisted.

Recent registration and short life expectancy determining Top King Crab Scam: was registered 18-day ago, on 6th/October/2023, in the USA. has a short life expectancy as its registration will expire within the next 11-months and 13-days. Its IP has a Medium-Organization Validated Certificate(OV-SSL) for the next 347-days. 

The identity and contact details of Topkingcrab’s owner and technical team were censored using the paid privacy services of

Customer reviews:

Customer feedback on Reddit showed that did not deliver the order, and asked the customer to approach their bank to get a refund. Click here to learn more about PayPal scams, as ten website reviews and one social media review suggest a possibility of Top King Crab Scam

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Is TopKingCrab a scam? King Crab Prices Suspect – Normally these are $30/lb or more here
byu/TheBattleGnome inisthisascam

Conclusion: is possibly a scam due to poor customer feedback, website reviews, terrible business, phishing, malware, threats, Alexa, and Domain Authority scores. Click here to learn more about credit card scams, as is highly risky for online transactions, customer’s devices, personal and payment information. Click here to learn more about identifying scamming websites. is a new website with a short life expectancy. 

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