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Toll Bill Text Scam: Read Legit Reviews & Know The Facts!

Learn more about the Toll Bill Text Scam along with its genuine reviews from the victims in a detailed and unbiased manner.

Are you the person who wants to stay vigilant over the scams happening around you? Then, are you aware of the Toll Bill Text Scam, which is trending all over the Australia region?

The scammers are looting the hard-earned money of the people by disguising them as toll-pay collectors, and people are falling for their trap and losing lots of money over the scam. Thus, in this article, we will discuss the scam and ways to avoid it in detail.

About the Toll Bill Text Scam

There is a scam in Australia where the scammers use the biggest tolling brand name, “Linkt,” to steal money from the people. The scammers send the text message as Linkt Tolling Company and ask the customers to pay an immediate toll bill; if not, they can’t pass the toll gates. Innocent people believed and paid the toll as per the received message. But after spending the amount, the scammers are stealing their credit card and bank details, which in turn led them to loot more money from their bank. Till now, 750 people have lost their money.

Toll Bill Text Reviews

We can discuss the people discussing the toll bill scam issue even on the Reddit platform. Many people complained that they had received a toll-pay text via SMS stating that they should pay the toll bill immediately. Many people have stayed vigilant and not paid or clicked the link. Well, some people fell for the trap and lost their precious money to the fraudsters. According to Toll Bill Text Reviews and the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission, nearly 750 people have lost their money worth 29000 dollars to scammers.

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How did the scam happen?

Toll bill scammers have cleverly chosen the Linkt toll branding company name to release the text messages. Linkt is Australia’s most trusted tolling company and is responsible for collecting toll taxes in that region. People used to pay the amount via the Linkt application. Here, the Toll Bill Text Scam fraudsters share an extra suspicious link to pay the amount instead of paying on the link application. Upon clicking the link, the people lost their money.

Steps to prevent the scam

The scam was reported to the Transurban company, which runs the Linkt brand. They have issued a safety protocol to their customers to protect them from scammers.

They are,

  • The tolling company never asks for the login or personal details of the customers.
  • People shouldn’t click any of the suspicious links that are shown over the text.
  • All the payments must be made through the reputed company application.
  • People must know about the Toll Bill Text Reviews and other worldwide scams.
  • Everyone must be responsible enough to report the phishing scams to the respective authorities without fail.
  • In this case, the people can report the scam to the Linkt company, or else they can report it to Australia’s scam website, If they did so, the officials could easily track down the fraudsters, and we could prevent such scams.


Thus, the article clearly states about the scams and ways to prevent oneself from such scams. We live in a digital world where scams like the Toll Bill Text Scam are common, and even more dangerous scams are happening by entirely hacking the phone. Thus, it is time for people to be more vigilant to live happily in this technological digital world.

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Also watch,

How do you tackle phishing messages? Comment on it.

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