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Token Ixs (Sep 2021) Chart, Prediction, & How To Buy?

This article is all about Token Ixs, a new crypto platform to offer governance and voting functionalities for the IXS platform.

The native utility token, IXS, is utilized for various purposes, including paired tools, insurance, swap fees, and much more. In addition, it serves as an incentive reward for promoting the ecosystem’s growth. 

IX Swap or IXS token holders Worldwide would be allowed to stake or trade their IXS holdings to get a portion of the swap fees. Besides, the paired tools of IXS would outperform non-IXS paired tools. There is a lot more to learn about Token Ixs that you may find in the article below.

What is an IXS token?

The STO or “Uniswap” for security tokens and TSO or tokenized stocks is called IX Swap.

IX Swap or IXS crypto token would be the First crypto platform to offer automated market-making and liquidity pools operations to the TSO or tokenized stock industry and STO or security token.

Besides, it would be the first DeFi crypto platform to all security tokens trading via security brokers and licensed custodians that would grant realistic ownership and claim over the real-world wealth or assets. 

Price chart of Token Ixs:

  • Price- $ 0.589500 
  • 24 Hours low- $ 0.3281
  • 24 Hours High- $ 0.7659 
  • 24 Hours Volume- $ 13 626 754
  • Market Cap- Not Available 
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap- $ 106 336 480 
  • Maximum Supply- 180 000 000
  • Market Rank- #2706 

IXS Price Prediction and Statics:

The current price of IX Swap or IX token is around $ 589500 with about $ 13 626 754 trading volume and did not change in the past 24 hours. 

While the maximum supply of IXS tokens is about 180 000 000 IKS coins, the current ranking of IX Swap or Token Ixs is #270 without the availability of its market cap and circulating supply.  

In addition, IXS would be the native payment token on the InvestaX licenced  platform of STO CEX. 

Who founded the IXS token?

Julian Kwan is the founder of IX Swap; Aaron Ong serves as an investor and advisor around every asset class, including cryptocurrencies and financial instruments.

Besides, Alice Chen is an accomplished lawyer and worked over several major international firms, such as Skadden Arps and DLA Piper.

Is the token a good investment?

There are about 16 444 857 Token Ixs, i.e., about 9.1 percent at present. You may find below the IXS to USD conversion rates and discover if it seems profitable to you.

  • 1 IXS = 0. 58 USD
  • 2 IXS = 1.16 USD
  • 3 IXS = 1. 74 USD
  • 4 IXS = 2. 31 USD
  • 5 IXS = 2. 89 USD
  • 10 IXS = 5.78 USD
  • 20 IXS = 11.53 USD
  • 50 IXS = 28.83 USD
  • 100 IXS = 57.67 USD

How to buy an IXS token?

You may purchase IXS or IX Swap tokens at Occam and Poolz. The holders would be allowed to stake these tokens for a fixed earning through the Token Ixs platform.They would also be allowed to stake these tokens in IXS pools to obtain a part of pool profits.

What are the FAQs?

Q-What is the all-time high of IX Swap token?

  1. The all-time high of IX Swap token is about $ 0.7659, i.e., down by 23.03 percent.

Q- What is the all-time low of IX Swap token?  

  • The all-time low of the IX Swap token is about $ 0.3281. You may read here to know the complete details about the IXS token.


The utility token and native cryptocurrency, Token Ixs or IX Swap token, is created for the IX Swap platform. It would be freely traded over several crypto platforms. Besides, learn more facts about the Best App To Buy Cryptocurrency 2021 and please leave your comments about our article on IX Swap token in the end.

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