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Token Axis Anang {Feb 2022} How To Buy? Contract Address

Read the article, and you can understand the founding factors and special features of Token Axis Anang and its credibility.  

Recently, a new type of cryptocurrency has emerged in the market. Digital currency has already gained attention from investors in South-East Asian country Indonesia

Virtual currency has many unique features. Even the crypto experts are digging out data about the Token. 

The name of this cryptocurrency is Token Axis Anang

Let’s find out the preliminary information and market scenario about the coin.  

What do you know about the Token? 

The digital currency was launched on 28 January. As per our research, the Token offers a “Play to Earn” option to the investors. So, you can understand the format can help both the gamers and buyers. 

As per our survey, the game authority offers the 3D enabled game. The gamers will explore five games.

The names of the games are- “We are Papua”, “Kite”, “Congklak”, “Komodo” and “Bekel”. Each game has its own features and is different from the other. 

Founder(s) of Token Axis Anang

Anang Hermansyah is the initiator of this token. Anang is a very notable personality in the country. 

Anang is also famous in music and worked as a politician. Presently Anang is the president of “Axis Token”. 

Anang started to invent cryptocurrency a few years back. In an interview, Anang discloses the three major projects that will help sell this cryptocurrency. 

In our research, we got the information that the management of this cryptocurrency has planned to use “Congklak” as the first “Play to Earn” game. Within the next one month, the game will open for general gamers. 

The Market of Token Axis Anang

Let’s check the market features of the Token. 

  • Position Hold- 1197
  • Domination- 0.00%
  • Volume in Trade- $431.92
  • Capitalization- 0.00007209
  • Future Supply Rate- $28,059,568.61
  • Total Transmit- 320,303,188 AXIS
  • Full Supply Ratio- 1,500,000,000 AXIS
  • Ultimate Supply Ratio- 1,500,000,000 AXIS
  • Return of Investment Ratio- No Information
  • Rate of the Token- $0.01871
  • Change of Rate in Last 24 Hours- $0.002326
  • Moderate Rate- $0.01637
  • Top Rate- $0.01889
  • All Time Expensive Rate- $0.1208
  • All Time Inexpensive Rate- $0.01222

The Buying Facts of the Token? 

Let’s discuss the buying factors of this Token. 

  1. The Token offers a play and earn option.
  2. Token Axis Anang has a reasonable price rate to the investors. 
  3. The Token follows unique and advanced technology. 
  4. Shortly, the Token will follow the “Metaverse Land Nusantara” protocols.

What Do You Know About the Buying Process? 

Now let’s focus on the buying methods of this cryptocurrency. 

  1. You need to download the exchange wallet. 
  2. Set up your login id and username. 
  3. Don’t forget to set your recovery protocols. 
  4. Use the “Ethereum” network for the buying process. 
  5. Buy “ETH” and transfer to the exchange wallet. 

Now you can use your “ETH” and start buying Token Axis Anang.


  1. Why is this crypto news garnering attention? 
  2. The cryptocurrency was just launched in the market. Due to this reason, many buyers are taking an interest in the Token. 
  3. What do you know it’s Contract Information? 
  4. You can check this as contract information- 0xF0c5831EC3Da15f3696B4DAd8B21c7Ce2f007f28. 

The Final Count

As per our research and information, we have figured out the many crucial points about this cryptocurrency. But as you know, investing in cryptocurrency always has risk factors.

So, it is a wise decision to take an expert’s suggestion and check the market statistics about Token Axis Anang. 

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Check the more market ratio of this cryptocurrency by clicking the link.

What is your assumption about Axis Token? Please share your opinion.

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