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Token Asix Adalah {Feb} How To Buy? Contract Address

This article aims to give you a clear vision of the protocols, methods, and primary data about the Token Asix Adalah.

Are you interested in cryptocurrencies? Have you heard about ASIX? It has collected a relatively favourable acknowledgement from crypto-asset investors specifically from Indonesia because of the significant improvement in rates. 

The price of ASIX tokens has increased almost 25 times. If you haven’t focused on this yet, you need not worry as we are here with the relevant information to help you out. 

The ASIX token is currently reaching the grade of nice US dollars and Token ASIX Adalah rates are relatively decent. Let’s talk about it more-

What is ASIX? 

ASIX tokens arrive in several ideas. They sold out in under a minute during a personal deal on January 27, 2022. 

ASIX tokens are looking for paths to broaden their metaverse characteristics and furnish a way for investors to receive huge earnings. 

One of which is by playing Congkak events that will be broadcasted shortly which implies play to earn. 

The token pursues a six-stage roadmap to improve the importance of its ticket as much as feasible. 

The proposal of Token Asix Adalah also strives for more safety for its parent population. It’s by locking in liquidity and evaluating the importance of clarity, faith, society and longevity.

Details About the Founder-

The ASIX token is a crypto ticket formulated by Anang and his household with MC Basyar built on blockchain technology. 

It’s with a fresh cryptocurrency system that has elevated wishes as Anang Hermansyah’s NFT Marketplace token. 

ASIX Token indirectly establishes several benefits that hold the notion of policies and society that occur in Indonesia

They want to involve the community as much as possible through the Token Asix Adalah and have implemented third-party audits to dissipate any suspects. 

What are the Market prices and Statistics? 

ASIX Token synopsis is as follows-

  • Cryptocurrency Token- ASIX Token 
  • Token- ASIX
  • Price- IDR 0.01751
  • Market capitalization- IDR 174,766,529,239
  • All-Time High- Rp 0.01748 04 February 2022
  • All-time Low- Rp 0.006404 02 February 2022
  • Disseminating supply- 10,000,000,000 ASIX
  • Total Supply- 10,000,000,000,000 ASIX
  • Average ROI- No Data

ASIX tokens were rated as the 14th prime gainers, with an improvement of 113.59% with the recent rate of Rp. 0.01737. 

Why Buy Token Asix Adalah

The ASIX token is also a powerful population-based with several utilities, such as:

  • P2E games
  • Congklak game
  • Game repair
  • Kite Battlefield game
  • Komodochain game
  • We Are Papua game
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Meta verse or Nusantaraverse

Metaverse is an implied world that authorizes you to conduct numerous actions. Like in real life such as meeting, working, playing, and trading transactions with other users with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology.

The current price of Rp. 0.01737 ASIX and there is still the possibility of an increase again.

How to Buy Token Asix Adalah

Let us help you find the way towards buying as ASIX is difficult to obtain. 

  1. You need to survey CoinMarketCap to see where you can acquire ASIX Token and with which money. 
  2. Then, grab an outlet to make your investment. 
  3. Now, purchase on your chosen policy. 


  1. What is the current token price?
  2. $0.000006343
  3. Why is this Trending? 
  4. The recent trend of NFT, Metaverse, and INDODAX are the causes behind the controversy. 
  5. What is the contract address for this token?
  6. 0x2B106D57c32Ba44E9398BD1A14763a689134F64c


As a final verdict, the climbing excitement of the population towards Token Asix Adalah deserves to be understood. 

The recent tendency of NFT and metaverse, making many people start to know and jump into the crypto world for profit. This is one possibility why ASIX Token has encountered a severe price boost.

From this, we would love to know your comment about investing in cryptocurrencies-

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