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{Watch} TJ Holmes and Amy Robach Video: What Get Viral On Reddit, Telegram, Tiktok & Instagram Media? Checkout Unknown Facts!

The article gives information about the TJ Holmes and Amy Robach videos and tries to find the truth behind the alleged viral video of both anchors.

Have you watched the video of TJ Holmes and Amy Robach cosying with each other? The videos spread like fire, and one can find them on social media channels. People from the United States are talking about them after the video spread on various channels.

There are reports of them having a secret affair, which we will discuss further in this article. The TJ Holmes and Amy Robach Video details are provided in this article. Kindly go through it.


Disclaimer: We do not support posting of false information and the news are gathered from authentic sources.

Who is TJ Holmes and Amy Robach?

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach’s video is gaining limelight after their video spread of holding hands and grabbing her backside while she bent to take out her things from her car. The two are the “Good Morning America” anchors and are known for representing daily news.

The two of them are married, and there are reports of them applying for divorce from their partners. 

The Reporters video went Viral On Reddit.

The reporters’ videos and pictures spread on various social media platforms, including Reddit. Their private pics from the restaurant have also been leaked. 

People on Reddit commented that it seemed someone had hired an assistant to take their pictures to reveal what was going on between the two anchors.

The two of them are shocked to see their pictures everywhere and especially the one where Holmes is seen grabbing Robach’s butt. The video started making rounds, and they came under the limelight in no time. 

Netizens’ reactions on Instagram to the viral video

The anchors deactivated their Instagram accounts after learning of the video and their private pictures. Netizens are searching for them to comment on their love affair, and not only that, but their married partners also come to know about the love affair. However, some sources revealed that they planned to get divorced.

On Thursday, the two did not greet each other on the GMA and awkwardly opened the show. 

Is the video available on TikTok?

The video can be found on various channels, but we still need an exact link to the video. Neither can we post it here due to unethical content. But, people who wish to see the video can visit different platforms and find the video there. 

However, some pictures of them are being circulated, and we need to find out who is behind spreading those pictures.

The affair between the anchors started after they were trained for the New York City Half Marathon.

Reports of the video found on Telegram channels

The reporters’ videos and pictures are posted everywhere, but there is no link to the Telegram channels. If there are any such videos, one can find them only on specific groups and media.

Social media links


The news gathered the attention of the people after the video leaked. Now, we can only wait to know about further repercussions the anchors will face. What are your thoughts on the video? Comment below.

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach Video-FAQs

Q1. Who is TJ Holmes married to?

Holmes is married to a lawyer Marilee Fiebig.

Q2. Who is Amy Robach married to?

Robach is married to the actor Andrew Shue.

Q3. Where do the anchors work?

The anchors work for the Good Morning America news channel.

Q4. Why are the reporters the talk of the town?

Due to the viral video that spread across social media.

Q5. Where can the viewers find the video and pictures?

On various channels such as Reddit, Twitter etc.

Q6. When did the affair between the anchors start?

Reports claim that they started dating in March 2022.

Q7. Are the couples separated from their spouses?

Yes, but are not divorced yet.

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