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Titano Crypto {Jan 2022} How To Buy? Contract Address

This evaluation is the appreciative alertness of the price chart, future prediction, and buying process of Titano Crypto.

Crypto had accomplished lots of fan-base due to its involvement in gaining profits. All the token holders Worldwide are glad to have this platform for their gain. Due to the increase in profits, many investors are showcasing their interest.

However, can you find out the best token for profit? There are enormous tokens on the platform. Are you confused about making the right decision?

Titano Crypto is one such token that launched in 2021. It is new to the cryptocurrency platform. Therefore, we need to understand it better for a wise investment.

About Titano?

Titano is the crypto token launched in 2021. It was first traded; in the crypto platform on the 18th of November 2021. It operates on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) platform. 

Titano had listed on several crypto exchanges. It is not feasible to purchase this token with fiats money. 

It is in the process; of revolutionizing Defi with TAP (Titano Autostaking Protocol). TAP is the recent; finance protocol that eases the staking process. Hence, approve the highest returns of Titano Crypto on the cryptocurrency platform. 

Who is the Founder?

The founder of this token is under wraps. Consequently, team members behind this token are also missing. 

Tokenomics of Titano

Titano is a BEP token with an elastic supply. Due to which the holders are rewarded with a positive rebase formula.

  • Trading fees under Automatic LP are 5%. (it ensures the increase of collateral Titano value)
  • Trading redirected to RFV is 5%. (it sustain the back of staking rewards by positive rebase)
  • 8% of sales and 3% of purchase goes directly to the treasury. (It gives supports the RFV)

Below are the price and predictions for Titano Crypto.

The price chart and prediction

  • Titano Price: ₱ 7.04
  • Market Cap value: No data available
  • Trading Volume: ₱ 26,283,850
  • Market cap Dominance: 0.00 %
  • Volume / Market Cap: No data available
  • 24 hour Low/ 24 hour High: ₱ 6.42/ ₱ 6.93
  • 7 day Low /7 day High: ₱ 4.77/ ₱ 10.83
  • Price change in 24hrs: up 5.2 %
  • Market Cap Rank: No data available
  • All-time High value: ₱ 10.88 
  • All-time Low value: ₱ 0.291734
  • Circulating supply: 0 TITANO coins
  • Total supply: 4 Billion coins

Let us converse about the purchasing process in the below section.

How to buy Titano Crypto?

Following are the facts that offer the step-by-step procedure to purchase this token.

Step-1: Register with your details on Fiat to Crypto Exchange.

Step-2: Purchase the BTC with your fiat money available.

Step-3: Transfer your BTC to an exchange (Altcoin).

Step-4: Deposit your money in BTC to exchange the coins.

Step-5: You are now ready to trade on TITANO.

You cannot purchase using fiat money. However, it is possible by purchasing Bitcoin from any fiat to crypto exchange. And transfer the token to an exchange; that offers to trade.

Let us glance at Frequently Asked Questions of Titano Crypto in the below section.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)?

Q 1) What is the contract address?

A 1) The contract address are: 0xBA96731324dE188ebC1eD87ca74544dDEbC07D7f

Q2) What is an alternate platform to purchase TITANO?

A2) This token is easy to purchase for buying in Bitcoin with the help of credit cards. It is a fast process with the help of a bank card. 


Our analysis in this article is based; on the data available on the crypto platform. Titano is a recently developed token that is available in the market. Hence, we recommend you take financial advice before investing in this token. 

Are you eager to discover more about Titano Crypto? Then follow the Twitter platform at this link. Likewise, look for The Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 for the Long-Term. 

Comment your opinions and experience in the comment section below.

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