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Tirso Duarte Wikipedia: What Happened to Him? Explore His Biography, Death Details, And Accident

What happened to Tirso Duarte Wikipedia? Is the Accident responsible for his Death? We will discuss his Biography Today.

What are the Tirso Duarte Wikipedia details? Who is Tirso Duarte? What happened to Tirso? Did Tirso die? Do you want to know about Tirso Durate? How did Tirso Duarte die? Tirso was a singer from Cuba. People from Worldwide are searching for this query. Let us read all the details about Tirso Duarte in this article. 

Tirso Duarte Wikipedia

There is a Wikipedia page of Tirso Duarte. Not much information is available on that page. However, we will list all the details provided in this article. His Wikipedia says that he died on 29th September 2023. Tirso was born in Havana, Cuba, on 12th April 1978.

Tirso Duarte Death news has sent shockwaves to his fans and supporters. His wife and family must be devastated. According to the details, he was a composer, singer, arranger, and pianist. Tirso had a lot of fans in Cuba, and people liked him alot. Wikipedia details mention his wife as Katerine Trochez.   

Tirso Duarte Biography

Tirso Duarte composed famous songs. Those songs are Riqui Rincón, Charanguero Mayor and La Vecina. He was a member of a different band earlier. He made his band after some time. In a film called Musica Cubana, Tirso had performed as a musician. And, as an actor. It was released in 2004. This was a German film. 

Tirso Duarte Today is not with us. As per the reports, he had passed away. Tirso was stabbed to Death by an unknown suspect. After the attack, he was hospitalized for few days. But lost his life to the fatal injuries. Some people still think that this is a rumour. Because no official update has been made.

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Tirso Duarte Accident Details 

As per reports, he was attacked at Nariño, Tumaco. Nobody knows the reason behind the attack. He was stabbed several times. The severe blood loss and fatal injuries made him unconscious. He was hospitalized in Pasto City. He suffered cardiac arrest. And he succumbed to his Death. 

Tirso Duarte Death happened on 29th September 2023 at 5:11 pm. His injuries were so serious that he lost his life. The circumstances under which he lost his life are still not yet disclosed. Any police investigation update has also not been discovered. 

Social Media Details

Tirso Duarte What Happened to Him? After the news of Tirso’s Death went viral, people started to search more about him. However, not many details about him are available online. Thus, people are trying to fetch details about him through his social media.


He has 52.2 thousand followers. 


He has 310 followers on Twitter. Tirso Duarte Biography is going viral.

YouTube Channel:

53.2 thousand subscribers and has posted 137 videos.

His social media account also does not have much of his personal life details. 


Tirso passed away under suspicious circumstances. People are trying to know more and more about him. Fans and family are remembering Tirso Duarte Today. He was stabbed to Death by someone for unknown reasons. His family has also not provided any official update. Just his Wikipedia page has been updated. Thus, the keyword Wikipedia, along with his name, is trending. For more details, click here.

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Disclaimer: The article is written on the basis of his Wikipedia and IMDB pages. 

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