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Tiny Colony Crypto (Jan 2022) Contract Address, Price!

This topic has the complete details of Tiny Colony Crypto, the Base Game that enables players to begin colonizing without needing Non-Fungible Tokens.

Tiny Colony, the newly launched gameplay, is a completely encompassing Metaverse with endless expanding possibilities.

Community events such as Tiny Slots, Tiny Wars, Gladiator Fights, Battle Arenas, Community Quests, and more will be available to participants and players.

If you are among users from the United Kingdom, United States, and worldwide who want to know about Tiny Colony Crypto, scroll down to learn about it.

What is the Tiny Colony token?

The world’s first blockchain-based management and construction simulation, Tiny Colony, is unique gameplay.

Participants may grow and create their advanced and powerful Ant colonies within the Metaverse of Tiny Colony.

It then protects their colonies from evil powers lurking beneath the surface, confront neighboring colonies to fights, trade and form alliances with each other to engage in large-scale community activities.

Several crypto tokens frequently emerged in the crypto market; hence, learning facts about them before investing would be a wide option.

Who founded Tiny Colony Crypto?

Tiny Colony is built over Solana and is Tinyverse play-to-earn gameplay with an expansive pixelated platform. It is partnered with MLabs, iLogos, and many more, with incubation by @StartLaunchSOL. 

Also, look into the official online platform of Tiny Colony token to know the complete details of its creators and founders.

Price chart of Tiny Colony token:

  • Price-  0.008664876960 USD
  • Token Type- BEP BSC 20
  • 24 Hours low-  Not Available
  • 24 Hours High-  Not Available
  • Liquidity of Tiny- 20 711.105 USD
  • 24 Hours Volume- 8 356.642USD
  • 24 Hours Transactions- 60
  • 24 Hours Changes of Tiny Colony Crypto – 1887.35 per cent
  • Contract Address- 0x04425a73eeb41eeb8a77f0096b2c6c212f898835

Price Prediction and Statics of Tiny Colony:

The current price of Tiny Colony token is about 0.008664876960 USD, with approximately 20 711.105 USD liquidity. It has received about sixty transactions and 1887.35 percent changes during the past twenty-four hours.

Besides, it is a Binance Smart Chain or BSC BEP 20 type cryptocurrency. So you may check through the details of the Tiny Colony token before planning to invest or trade.

Is the Tiny Colony token a good investment?

Participants of Tiny Colony can have a joyful time with the management and construction of simulator parts by constructing a standard collection of cells and engaging with the Tiny Colony Crypto base gameplay characters within the training grounds.

Various NFTs are accessible for participants or players who wish to get the most out of their expertise of Tiny Colony and engage in community events.

However, you need to explore Tiny Colony to learn if it is a good investment or if the Tiny Colony token is profitable crypto or not.

How to buy the Tiny Colony token?

TINY, the native token, TinyBits, may be used to buy NFTs. The in-game virtual or digital currency that players may utilize to upgrade non-fungible tokens.

These NFTs may be acquired by maintaining a successful colony for Tiny Colony Crypto and engaging in and speculating on battles and events.

What are the FAQs?

Q-What is the contract address of Tiny Colony Token?

  1. The contract address of Tiny Colony Token is 0x04425a73eeb41eeb8a77f0096b2c6c212f898835.

Q- Which type of token is Tiny Colony? 

Tiny Colony is a BSC or Binance Smart Chain’s BEP 20 type crypto token. Besides, readers may look into additional details of Tiny Colony Digital Currency. 


Tiny Colony is unique gameplay where players may grow and build their colonies, assemble NFTs or Array, upgrade NFTs, and defend bases (Pve).

They may also engage in community programs and quests with the easy-to-earn and distinguished Tiny Colony Crypto gameplay. Besides, you need to look through the facts about What You Must Know Before Investing In The Cryptocurrency.

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