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TIKTOK Settlement Class Action Lawsuit: Find Who Will Receive Payment Under It, And What Is Its Payment Plan!

This article contains information about the TIKTOK Settlement Class Action Lawsuit and more about the TikTok data breach. Follow for more articles.

Data breaches have been common nowadays, and with the increasing technology, the risk of hacking and other causes of a data breach has become more frequent, as this happened with TikTok.

Have you heard this news? Are you wondering how the data got leaked? This news is spreading widely over the United States. Read this article about TIKTOK Settlement Class Action Lawsuit till the end.


What is the settlement class action lawsuit?

TikTok data breach is nowadays the most talked about topic as some personal data have been leaked. Also, biometric details of the persons have been used against their will. Due to this, a lawsuit is filed against TikTok in which users who have created videos before 30 September 2021 will start receiving their payments after some time. check this link to fill the settlement form 

It was said that an amount of about $27.84 to $167.04 would be provided to affected people. It should be clear that not everyone will receive the compensation for TIKTOK Settlement Class Action Lawsuit as comparable federal law is not working yet. According to partner founder of LLP Katrina Carroll, about 89 million people will be eligible for the amount. It would help if you kept an eye on your email, as you might be eligible for the pay.

What happened in the data breach?

After many complaints from the users, it was found that their data had been used, and much information was leaked by TikTok, like their address, mobile number, Location etc. It was a matter of concern as it happened without any information to the TikTok users so, TIKTOK Settlement Class Action Lawsuit was charged against TikTok. Last year in November 2021, users were notified about their pay, and now, TikTok has started compensating the affected users under the class action lawsuit. 

 If you are under that claim, you should keep an eye on your email as your compensation may have reached you. If you are unsure about its legitimacy, you can check out this link on Twitter. In this lawsuit, some receive about $27 while others receive $167, so there is no fixed settlement amount, and you can receive anything.

Is it the first time the data breach of TikTok: TIKTOK Settlement Class Action Lawsuit

Well, if you are wondering that it was the first time that data has been misused without consent, we would like to tell you that this is not the case, and this case has been in custody before. A case was filed in the court of Illinois, which was against the biometric law of Illinois. In this, the company is said to transfer users’ data without consent to a third party.

Who should be eligible for the payment?

Suppose you are a resident of the U.S, then you will be eligible for the payment under TIKTOK Settlement Class Action Lawsuit, and this is not limited to Illinois, so you can fill out the form and check out whether you are eligible for the compensation payment or not. If you are under the age of 13 or if you are 13, then you will be eligible for the payment if you have your TikTok account.

Additional information about the lawsuit

In December 2021, a complaint was filed in northern Illinois court by two moms who said that their child’s privacy was invaded without consent and some biometric information had been leaked by TikTok, which is against Illinois biometric act.

You will receive your payments electronically, and there is no such fixed time for the pay as they have already started distribution for TIKTOK Settlement Class Action Lawsuit so that you can be next. So, you must keep an eye on your email as you will receive the notification through Gmail.

Note: All the details gathered from online sources.


TikTok data has been breached, which violates the privacy law, so an amount between $27.84 to $167.04 will be provided to the affected ones. Read this article till the end to have full information about the TikTok settlement lawsuit. For more information about the TikTok lawsuit, you can check this link .

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TIKTOK Settlement Class Action Lawsuit: FAQ:

Q.1 What has been leaked in the data breach?

Biometric details have been leaked in the data breach.

Q.2 Can google and snapchat be next?

Yes, they can be next, according to sources.

Q.3 What is the compensation amount?

Between $27.84 to $167.04.

Q.4 Is this the first time for a TikTok data breach?

No, the data was leaked in 2019 also.

Q.5 Who is the founder of TikTok?

Zhang timing.

Q.6 What is the net worth of TikTok?

The net worth of TikTok will be about $58 billion in 2021.

Q.7 Who owns TikTok?

It is owned by a Chinese company named Byte dance.

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