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Have you come across the news of Tiffany Trump’s marriage? Tiffany Trump married her long-time Lebanon boyfriend, Michael Boulos, on November 12. The news of Tiffany’s marriage has thrilled the people of the United States and Canada, who are now looking for more details about her husband and who he is. 

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Who is Michael Buolos, and why was the news of the marriage going viral?

Michael Buolos is a Lebanese American businessman, and he and Tiffany met in Lindsay Lohan’s club. They started dating in 2018, and the couple engaged in January 2021. He is from a rich family and is set to inherit billions from his family business.

Michael and Tiffany Pictures

The images of their marriage became viral on social media a day after the couple got married. Tiffany married a Lebanese man and chose the place of marriage where she was born. You can also find the images attached below of her marriage.

Michael Buolos Wiki

Full Name Michael Boulos
Birth Date August 27, 1997
Profession  Businessman
Marital status Married
Partner name Tiffany Trump
Nationality Lebanese
Ethnicity Nigerian-Lebanese

What is the Net Worth of Michael?

Michael Buolos is a businessman, and his net worth is approximately $20 million. No public reports of the same, but the sources reveal the net worth.

Marriage Photos of Tiffany and Michael

Tiffany married her long-time love, Michael Buolos, a Lebanese American businessman after they met in Lindsay Lohan’s club in 2018 and started dating. The images of her marriage are circulating on the internet.

Who Are Michael’s Parents?

Michael was born in Lebanon, and his parents are Massad Buolos, a businessman and Sarah Buolos. They are the chief of the Buolos Enterprises, and Michael is an heir to the Nigerian company.

Michael Buolos Age

Michael is only 25 years of age and works with his family in a Nigerian company that distributes motorbikes and power bikes. He was born into a wealthy family in Houston and was raised in Nigeria.

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We are extremely happy with the marriage news of Tiffany and Michael. We wish the couple a great future ahead. The detailed news of their marriage can be read further. What are your views on the news? Comment below.

Tiffany Trump Wedding Husband– FAQs

Q1. Who is Tiffany married to?

Michael Buolos

Q2. Who is Michael Buolos?

A Lebanese-American businessman

Q3. When did they first meet?

In 2018.

Q4. What is Michael’s age?

He is only 25 years old.

Q5. Where was Michael born?

Michael was born in Lebanon.

Q6. Who are Michael’s parents?

Massad Buolos and Sarah Buolos

Q7. When did Tiffany and Michael get married?

On November 12, 2022.

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