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Tiffany Gomas LinkedIn: Is Elevate Brand Marketing Active? Check Instagram & Twitter Details Here!

In the post below, we discussed Tiffany Gomas LinkedIn account details for why people are looking for her account.

Do you watch the not real video which is trending on the internet? Do you know why this video is trending across the United States, Canada, and worldwide? If you are unaware of the recent viral incident and video, don’t worry. This post has explained all the details about this surprising event.

People are shocked to witness such an event and are more surprised to watch the aftermath video of the incident. Since the footage got viral on the internet, people are curiously looking for the viral video lady’s Tiffany Gomas LinkedIn

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What is Tiffany Gomas’s LinkedIn account?

A video has gained the attention of millions of people on the internet in which a woman in an aeroplane seems to be shouting. Since this video got viral and people reacted to the video, the audience among the people is curiously looking for the lady in the video.

According to the reports, the lady in the viral video is Tiffany Gomas. The records suggest that Tiffany Gomas, Elevate Brand Marketing executive is active on LinkedIn, and we gathered the information about her from there.

What happened in the video?

In the viral video, a woman, on July 2 2023, refused to sit in her designated space in the aeroplane. She stands from her space, stands on the bridge’s jet bridge, and starts shouting. When aeroplane authorities tried to speak with her, she refused to talk to them.

The woman was later identified as Tiffany Gomas. Gomas started crying, and she claimed that this flight wasn’t safe and couldn’t reach its destination since this video had been recorded by fellow passengers and posted on the internet. The video went viral and was watched by millions of people online. Since then, people have been looking for Tiffany Gomas Instagram, for which you can find social media links below.

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Who is Tiffany Gomas?

According to the reports, Tiffany Gomas is a 38 years old woman. Her LinkedIn page suggests that she is a marketing executive and vice president of Elevate Brand Marketing in Dallas.

The page suggests that she now runs her own company named Uppercut Marketing. According to her page, she owns fifteen years of professional experience as a Fortune 50 Account Manager & Project Management Executive and Top-Performing Sales Leader. 

However, her other social media has been deleted, and Goams’s Instagram is private. For further details about Tiffany Gomas Twitter, you can check out the social media links below.

Social Media Links-



Lady on Plane
by u/jerrvizu in conspiracy

The Last Words

People are curiously looking for Tiffany Gomas’s LinkedIn account because she is the woman who went viral on not real video. Since people identified her, they are looking for her LinkedIn account to know more about her professional and personal life. 

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Tiffany Gomas LinkedIn- FAQs

Q1. When did the incident happen? 

Ans. The incident happened on July 2, 2023.

Q2. Does Tiffany Gomas take to custody? 

Ans. No, she was never taken into custody.

Q3. Is she officially given any statement after this incident? 

Ans. No, she hasn’t given any official statement yet.

Q4. Does the police issue any legal case on Tiffany Gomas? 

Ans. No, the police haven’t issued any legal case on Tiffany Gomas. 

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