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Tiffany Cross Ratings: Explore Tiffany Cross Msnbc Husband And Salary Details

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere analyzing Tiffany Cross Ratings as a host of The Cross Connection show on MSNBC.

The news spread as The Cross Connection host Tiffany was removed from hosting the show, effective immediately. The Cross Connection was a popular knowledge-based show in the United States focusing on the latest news and politics. Tiffany had been the host of the show from the beginning. The show is broadcast every Saturday.

Would you like to know about the ratings of The Cross Connection? After Tiffany is dropped from the show, let’s check various factors affecting Tiffany Cross Ratings.

The Cross Connection Ratings:

In the first quarter of 2022, the ratings of The Cross Connection increased by 32%. The show was aired between 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST every Saturday.

The show is popular among people interested in the situation and atmosphere prevailing across the country. The show focused on the latest news and topics, discussing various aspects. Hence, it has a limited audience and popularity.

On IMBD, 180 viewers rated the show at 2.9/10 stars, which is considered poor. Who is Tiffany Cross Msnbc Husband? Tiffany is unmarried. One hundred twenty-six viewers, which account for 70% of 180 reviews, had rated it a 1/10. Only 38% of the viewers, which counts to 38 viewers, rated the show above 6/10 stars, including 17.2% (31 viewers) rating it the top 10/10 stars.

Most users are between the age group of 30 to 45+ years old, including international viewers. The latest rating and review of The Cross Connection on IMBD was dated 24th-October-2022. As Tiffany is removed from the show on 4th-November-2022, the ratings of the new host and the show’s popularity will be known after a few weeks.

Tiffany Cross Ratings:

The negative reviews of the host Tiffany on IMBD are awful, with people commenting that she was not even suitable for radio. The majority of users objected to the remarks made by Tiffany on the show, which are irresistible and offensive. 

Several users found that Tiffany spreads haterade with her show, making the viewers turn off their televisions. Many viewers commented that she should be dropped from the show and sent back to school.

Her comments about the Democrats and Republicans on Comedy Central’s Hell of a Week with Charlemagne were recently criticized. Let’s check more about Tiffany Cross Ratings. It was revealed that Tiffany had a clash with management over a segment of The Cross Connection.

Tiffany was with the MSNBC network for more than two years. MSNBC, in their efforts to bring diverse opinions on its platform, allowed Tiffany to grow and to showcase the Black heritage and history. In February, Tiffany showcased her work to find her family history and origin. 

After Tiffany was dropped, MSNBC announced that several hosts would rotationally appear on The Cross Connection show.


The Cross Connection has a low popularity on MSNBC, which clued about Tiffany Cross Ratings, and primarily attracts viewership of people aged between 30 to 45+ years. It has a low rating on the internet, with significant concerns related to Tiffany’s style of hosting the show. Though the rating of The Cross Connection had increased in the first quarter, the removal of Tiffany as the host will influence its ratings, which will be more apparent in the coming few weeks.

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Tiffany’s ratings – FAQ

1Q. Who is Tiffany Cross?

Tiffany is a political analyst, a television host, and an author.

2Q. How much is Tiffany Cross Msnbc Salary?

Tiffany’s salary is $86,943/year, excluding other sources of income that increase her yearly earnings above $1 million.

3Q. When did Tiffany started her career as a journalist?

Tiffany made a debut as a journalist in the early 2000s at Atlanta Radio Station.

4Q. Which networks did Tiffany work with?

Tiffany worked with ARS, BET, NBC, and MSNBC.

5Q. What is Tiffany’s age?

Tiffany was born on 6th-February-1979 at Cleveland, Ohio. She is 43 years, eight months, and twenty-nine days old.

6Q. What are the popular shows hosted by Tiffany in the past?

New York:Amistad(2020), the Shaping of American Democracy, Our Voices, and Say It Louder!:Black Voters are a few popular shows.

7Q. Amids Tiffany Cross Ratings, how much is the net worth of Tiffany?

Tiffany is anticipated to have a net worth between $500K to $700K. Click here to know what sparked the controversy.

8Q. Who is Tiffany’s husband?

Tiffany is still single. Information about her boyfriend is not revealed. Hence, she concluded that Tiffany was unmarried and not in a relationship.

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