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Ticket Facil Scam: Read Honest & Detailed Reviews Here Now!

The article provides the details relating to Ticket Facil Scam or not and lets the readers know the details of the online ticket booking website.

Have you heard of Ticket Facil? Have you ever booked tickets from the website? People from the United States are eager to know whether the website is legit or a scam, and here in this article, we will provide the entire information related to the online ticket booking website.

Keep reading the complete post to know the relevant details about Ticket Facil Scam details. 

Is Ticket Facil Scam or Legit- know the details 

  • The website was created on 12th September 2006.
  • The website’s popularity is zero.
  • It has a valid HTTPS connection.
  • The trust score of the website is 93.
  • There are many Ticket Facil Reviews mentioned on the internet.
  • The proximity to suspicious website scores is 5.
  • Any block-listed engines do not detect the website.

Know about the website:

The website offers a huge distribution of tickets online, and it is one of the fastest ways to get your tickets. The payment can be made through a credit or debit card, which provides quality service and customer satisfaction.

Many top competitors, such as the Freeman company, global experience specialist Mia, and others, are present. However, it is shown that only four employees work for the company, and the company needs to grow further to gain the customer’s attention.

Specifications of Ticket Facil Scam or Legit

  • The URL of the website is http://www.ticketfacil.com.br/
  • The company has mentioned a website on the LinkedIn profile page.
  • The company is situated in Sao Paulo.
  • Payments for the tickets can be made through debit card, credit card, and other payment options.


  • The website offers a money-back guarantee.
  • It provides huge options to customers.

Cons based on Ticket Facil Reviews

  • The website does not have any email address.
  • There is a lack of contact numbers.

Customer Reviews

We have not encountered valid customer reviews online, but the trust index shows the website as safe and not a scam. The website has an Instagram page that has 3007k followers, which shows people trust this website for their online ticket booking. 

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The online website is a legit store, but it has not gained popularity, so we suggest the customers go through the reviews completely and only proceed to book the tickets. The website seems to be legit and if people wish they can book their tickets.

Check details for credit card scams.

Ticket Facil Scam– FAQs

Q1. What does the website offer?

The website offers online ticket booking.

Q2. Does the website provide any discounts?


Q3. What is the trust score of the website?


Q4. Are there any reviews mentioned online?

Not many reviews are found online.

Q5. Does the website provide any refunds?


Q6. Which industry is the website related to?

Events services.

Q7. How many employees are there?


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