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Theta Arena Token {Dec 2021} How to Buy? Chart, Price!

Can Theta Arena Token directly be bought without earning? Read here to know and get other essential information about Theta Arena.

Today we are going to discuss the new blockchain play to earn feature offering Coin named Theta Arena. This currency is the same as other blockchain currency which gives play and make rewards features. Vietnam Crypto enthusiasts seem much interested in digging out authentic knowledge concerning this coin.

So to aid the Crypto investors with factual and accurate information about THC today, we thought of sharing this post with full details concerning Theta Arena Token. So get your facts cleared regarding THC as the post talks about token Founders, statistics, price, and other necessary studies.

About Theta Arena    

After introducing My Defi Pet Coin and receiving a tremendous response, which led to the success of this coin in four months, the Kardia Chain is ready to bring a new online multi-player battle Royale and battle arena game proving play and earn feature: The Theta Arena. 

The Currency features a 2D design from top to bottom view for the players. The Theta Arena Token have characters and environment which are made minimalist and carries a Retro touch.

In every round, users will be carrying out teamwork and use their fighting talents to complete with the most rewards.

The game will be displayed over iOS, Android, and PC soon. The date of launch will be in October, and the IDO took place on 16th September. 

Founder Of Theta Arena

The token is discovered by technology and seasoned gaming veterans who have been working in the same field for a long time. The CEO of Theta Arena Token is Khanh Nguyen, who was a part of game development in studio wolf fun and spent seven years there.

Overall the community of Theta Arena has surrounded and supported team who are from good backgrounds and have complementary skills.

Token Information 

  •  Coin Name: Theta Arena Coin
  •  Ticker Used: $THG
  •  Total supply: 420,000,000
  •  Initial market cap without any liquidity: $672,000
  •  Coin standard: BEP20 and ERC-20
  •  Token type: Governance and Utility 
  •  Circulating supply: yet to get updated 
  •  Blockchain: Kardia Chain and Binance Smart Chain 

Theta Arena Token Sale Data

  • IDO Date: September 16th, 2021, Thursday 
  • Cost of one THG coin: $0.08 per coin
  • Maximum Capital per person: $200 in BNB
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain 

How To Buy Theta Arena Coin? 

  •  The Theta Arena company doesn’t sell THG directly to players currently. 
  •  However, one can earn Theta Arena by playing the game.
  •   Once you get THG after playing the game, one may claim it to the wallet to get THG

How To Earn Theta Arena Coin?

These are the ways through which Theta Arena Coin can be earned:

  • Battles: The total of THG in every battle depends on Hero Rarity and trophy class
  • Quest: Theta Arena Token can also be acquired by completing the quests provided in the game. Once players receive a good amount of quest points, those can be exchanged with a THG coin
  • Ranking Rewards: Players can rank up themselves to get Theta Arena Coin 
  • Tournaments: The tournament organized by systems also helps in earning THG

However, you may check the Theta Arena Coin Overview provided in various sources.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What’s The Ticker Symbol of Theta Arena?

Ans. $THG

  1. Who is the founder of THG?

Ans. Khanh Nguyen 


So at present, Theta Arena Token cannot be bought, but it can only be earned in different ways such as Battles, tournaments, rewards, and quests. The entire concept of THG has been penned down up. Hope this post will be an informative one for readers.

However, if you are interested in buying other crypto-currency, make sure you know how to buy Cryptocurrency a perfect guide 2021.

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