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Theresa Cachuela Instagram: Check Social Media And Insta Details Now!

Learn about the reports that brought attention to Theresa Cachuela Instagram profile. Get a glimpse of this famous Social Media influencer, renowned on Insta.

What do you feel when you come across any domestic violence case? Do you look for justice? People in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and India are now looking for justice for a cruel incident of an Instagram influencer. 

Theresa Cachuela Instagram is trending on social platforms now. Get an overview of the incident and also know who she is. Police investigations are also discussed in our post below. 

The reason for Theresa Cachuela Instagram trend

Theresa Cachuela’s shocking death incident led to a boost in the search for the Instagram profile. People’s shocking and heartbreaking comments have been pouring after the news of her incident became widespread. 

Theresa’s Instagram profile, Bunny Bontiti, got massive views, and traffic is pulled over this account now. Her profile had 21.2K followers who were attracted by her presence on social media networks and her beauty entrepreneurship experience.

The reason for Theresa Cachuela Instagram trend

The devastating occurrence that led to the death of renewed Instagram influencer Theresa had garnered the attention of social media users. Hence, Theresa Cachuela Insta profile became a focal point for debates on domestic violence and mental health.

Theresa Cachuela’s Instagram Presence

Theresa Cachuela was an influencer and the owner of House of Glam Hawaii LLC in Waipahu. Theresa shared glimpses of her life, entrepreneurial journey and beauty tips in her Instagram platform. 

Her Instagram content imitated a combination of her professional as well as personal information. It portrays her as a devoted mother and businesswoman.

The Tragic Incident that Lift Theresa Cachuela Social Media

On December 22, 2023, approximately around 10 am in the morning, Theresa Cachuela’s life took a devastating turn. She was in the parking lot near Pearlridge Center in Waimalu, Honolulu. Suddenly, she got a gunshot in her head. It was by her estranged husband, Jason Cachuela, aged 44. 

The Tragic Incident that Lift Theresa Cachuela Social Media

The complete incident were witnessed by her 8-year-old daughter.  Two days prior to the tragedy, a judge granted Theresa a restraining order against Jason, her husband of ten years, amid divorce proceedings.

Theresa Cachuela Insta immediately lifted after the incident, and people are interested in understanding the investigation behind this event.

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Police investigation outcome

  • The Honolulu police, responding to a “suspicious circumstance,” found Theresa with gunshot wounds. 
  • The suspect, Jason, fled the scene and was later discovered dead in an apparent suicide behind a residence in Waipahu.
  • The police recovered five registered firearms from Jason’s property. 
  • The investigation is being treated as a murder-suicide case.

Apart from Theresa Cachuela Social Media details, people are looking for her wiki information. Let us have a look below.

Who is Theresa Cachuela?

  • Full Name: Theresa Cachuela
  • Date of Birth: 1991 (specific date unknown)
  • Age: 33 at the time of her tragic death
  • Education: Unknown
  • Parents: Lucita Ani-Nihoa (mother)
  • Marital Status: Separated from husband Jason Cachuela, recently filed for divorce
  • Children: Mother of three, with an 8-year-old daughter witnessing the incident
  • Nationality: Hawaiian
  • Profession: Beauty entrepreneur, owner of House of Glam Hawaii LLC

Theresa Cachuela Instagram trend persists, reflecting a collective desire for support against domestic violence and justice.


Hawaii Instagram Influencer Theresa Cachuela Shot Dead
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The tragic incident surrounding Theresa Cachuela ignited an Instagram trend, uniting people in discussions on domestic violence. Her entrepreneurial spirit and personal life shared on Instagram, added depth to her public image. 

People continue rallying for justice and support, united against domestic violence, as Theresa Cachuela’s tragic incident booms collectively on social media.

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