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The Ultimate Guide to Assess Your Internet Speed – Here’s What You Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide to Assess Your Internet Speed – Undoubtedly, internet speed is one of the major considerations when choosing a new internet service provider for your home/workplace. It not only determines how conveniently, and quickly you will be able to perform online tasks but also how many of those can be processed by your network at a single time.

We all know how the internet service providers mainly focus on their connection speed above everything, however, the language they use to describe it becomes complicated to understand at times. By chance, if you are also one of those people who do not understand their lingo, there is a high chance you might end up getting a dead-slow connection or even a faster one (pricier) than you require.

Well, not to worry. Here we have come up with an easy guide to all factors related to your internet speed. It will help you choose the highest quality internet connection for yourself. Let’s take a look!

What is Internet Speed?

Our internet speed is determined by the transfer of data packets that are transferred through the network signals in a specific amount of time.

Now, let’s make it a bit easier to understand! Basically, the equipment connected to the network tend to transfer data via electronic packets. Here, a packet can be defined as a ‘unit of data’. All the activities that you perform online simply rely on the transfer of these little packs from your internet connection to your machinery and vice versa. 

Why Do We Need a Fast Internet Speed?

As the world keeps moving into more virtual spaces for health care, entertainment, education, and traveling, having a high-speed internet connection has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Choosing a speedy internet connection is vital because the internet needs a huge amount of data to browse through various sites. From sending everyday emails and conference calls to online chatting, and video streaming, your internet requires several packets each second to process efficiently. Although you can do all the browsing, streaming, and downloading with a slow internet connection as well, I am sure you would not like to keep ‘buffering’ between the pages. It’s simply frustrating! 

To avoid the hassle of dealing with a dead-slow internet connection, you can always choose reliable internet connections like CenturyLink internet which can speed up to 100 Mbps and provides you with ‘unlimited’ data for downloading, browsing, surfing, and all types of other internet activities. The most amazing part is that their internet packages are highly economical, starting from $50 per month only. Moreover, they also provide a customized high-end internet plan for specific users, which is ‘Fiber Gigabit’. It allows the users to enjoy a maximum download/upload speed of 940 Mbps via a wired connection. 

Test Your Speed

Determining your connection speed and the ways in which it can be compared to ads from Hulu and Netflix help you to take full benefit of your internet service. However, you also need to test your connection signals regularly to ensure that you’re getting the same speed data you are paying for. 

You can simply click on this URL to check your connection speed. This testing is also going to help you avail the most amazing deal on websites because when a service provider advertises a discount offer, you will have a solid point to find out if the network stability it’s providing is slower/faster than your existing connection.

Uploading and Downloading Speed

Once you are done with the speed test, you will observe two numbers popping up on the screen: The first one is your uploading speed and the second is your downloading speed.

Download speed refers to the speed through which the information is transferred from the connection to your device. For instance, if you use Twitter on your phone, your download speed would decide how much time it will take to open up the timeline. 

On the contrary, upload speed is totally opposite. It can be defined as the data transfers from laptop, mobile, tablet or other devices to the internet. For example, if you are posting on LinkedIn profile, your uploading speed is going to decide how much time it will take for your post to reach the LinkedIn server, Spectrum internet customer service

How Much Internet Speed Do You Need?

Figuring out how much internet speed you need can be a bit difficult, as different households have totally different internet needs and if you think that you need to update your Spectrum internet speed then you may contact Spectrum internet customer service. For instance, a single person who uses the internet only for browsing won’t need as high internet speed as a bunch of roommates streaming Netflix all day on every device. 

Also, many corporate setups need a greater supply of internet data due to their immense work requirements. As the technology is evolving with every passing minute, most of our professional work is dependent on the internet these days. For example, tech experts from all over the world are coming up with latest digital trends for businesses that need internet to perform various tasks. If you wish to know more about the latest digital innovations and tech trends, don’t forget to visit DigitalTechBusiness. It is your one-stop solution to all business and tech-related information and news.

Here’s what different internet speeds mean what you can do with them:

0–5 Mbps

  • To check emails
  • For streaming movies and music on a single device
  • To conduct Google search

5–40 Mbps

  • To Stream on a single device
  • Conference calling with WhatsApp, Skype or other accounts
  • For playing online games (single gamer)

40–100 Mbps

  • To stream HD videos on several devices
  • Online gaming (Multiple players)
  • Large files download

100–500 Mbps

  • UHD video streaming (multiple devices)
  • Quicker files download
  • Online gaming (multiple players)

Is Your Internet Service Provider Fast Enough?

Now that you already know why your internet speed is crucial, how to check it, and what the test results indicate, you should consider opting for a new connection if your current ISP doesn’t deliver enough speed for your household. For example, you can always choose fast internet connections like Spectrum which is safe for all types of browsing, downloading and streaming. Simply dial Spectrum phone number now and get more details about their tremendously high-coverage internet connections. Their customer services agent will make sure to provide you with a prompt response to your query! The best part is that they also have a Spanish customer services helpline that is fully dedicated to catering to Spanish-speaking customers’ concerns. If you feel more comfortable with conversing in Spanish, simply dial 1-844-487-2710 now and send your queries to Spectrum in your preferred language.

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