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The Smart Set 7 Little Words: Details On Mission Statement, Early Photos, And Heartfelt Quality

What is the answer to The Smart Set 7 Little Words? What is Mission StatementEarly Photos, and Heartfelt Quality?

Why is The Smart Set 7 Little Words trending? What is 7 Little Words? Is this a regular game or a puzzle game? Why is this game and its answers trending on the internet? What are the latest solutions for 7 Little Words? People from the United StatesCanadaAustralia, and the United Kingdom are hooked on this game. 

The Smart Set 7 Little Words

‘The Smart Set’ was a clue for 10th November 2023, 7 Little Words. People were trying to search for its answers on the internet. The possible solution for this clue is ‘GLITTERATI.’ There were 7 clues or hints provided on their website, and it changes every day. On a new day, a new set of tips are provided. 

Mission Statement 7 Little Words was another clue for 10th November 2023. People are trying to search for the answers to all the seven hints. answer to the clue ‘Mission Statement’ is ‘MANIFESTO.’ Here in this game, ‘7 Little Words,’ you will be provided multiple clues, and the answer should be in one word only. 

What is the answer to Early Photos 7 Little Words?

‘Early Photos’ is another clue for Thursday, 10th November. The answer to this clue is said to be ‘TINTYPES.’ The explanations for the answers are not available on the internet. This is why these clues and their solutions have been trending recently on the internet. 

Note: The clues discussed in this article are the bonus puzzle clues. The bonus puzzle includes only 4 clues and 4 answers. 

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What is the answer to Heartfelt Quality 7 Little Words?

‘Heartfelt Quality’ is the last clue for the bonus puzzle of 10th November. The answer for this clue is straightforward ‘SINCERITY.’ It is a heartfelt and intense emotion that a person expresses. People on the internet always try to look for new games every day. But an entertaining match and brainstorming is always a good option, such as The Smart Set 7 Little Words

Details About 7 Little Words

This game was introduced on 6th May 2011. The game’s publisher and the developer are the Blue Ox Family Games, Inc. This game is a genre of puzzle video games. The game is readily available on all the application stores, such as Google App Store and Apple Store. 

Mission Statement 7 Little Words has received good ratings. On the Google App Store, it has got 4.5 out of 5; on the Apple App Store, it has got 4.8 out of 5. The game has been loved by many currently. Thus, the game and its clues are trending on the internet. Additionally, few hints of the game are challenging, so people are taking the internet’s help to find the answers when they find solutions for Early Photos 7 Little Words, the game trends.


In today’s article, we have discussed a word puzzle game, 7 Little Words. The keyword asked for the answers to 10th November’s bonus clue questions. Thus, we have provided answers to those puzzles. The bonus puzzle is only 4, and we have stated the answers and clues for all four puzzles. If you also wish to enjoy the game, click here.

Have you played the Heartfelt Quality 7 Little Words? Please comment below the 11th November’s answers for the 7 little words. 

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