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The Boy In The Box Reddit: Is The Case Solved? Check Full Update On His Brother, And Twitter Account

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What is ‘Boy in the Box?’

A boy was killed in Philadelphia 65 years ago. The boy was also known as America’s Unknown Boy. The mystery of his killing gripped the whole of Philadelphia. According to the report circulating on Reddit, the boy was beaten to death. After that, his dead body was put in the box. Now the boy has a name for which a criminal charge could be filed. He was between 4 to 6 years old boy who was killed and discarded beside Susquehanna Road. After the DNA analysis, the name of the boy was known. Ivy hill cemetery workers felt sad when CBS3 investigations informed them that the Philadelphia police knew the name of the Brother who is known as the boy in the box.

How Was the Name Known?

The breakthrough in the development of the DNA profile has led the boy’s name to appear after the DNA analysis.  The name of the boy was Joseph Augustus Zarelli which will be put on the grave marker. There is hope that the boy’s name may lead to the culprit by filing the charges in the case. This has been a sad case, and it has been believed not to be solved after a long time. It appeared that there was also physical assault in the killing. 

The Boy in the Box Reddit

According to the report circulating on Reddit, the boy was beaten to death. After that, his dead body was put in the box. The news of finding his name is circulating on every social media handle. The finding of his name has always been appearing to be a complex situation. After seeing the body, a question arose about who had killed the boy. But there was no clue regarding this. Since the boy’s name has been found, a criminal charge can be filed to find the culprit. Twitter has also circulated the news of encountering the name of the boy. It has been reported that further investigation has been carried out to get more details.

Cemetery Place of the Boy

The boy was cremated at the Ivy Hills, and the cemetery workers became emotional when they came to know about the boy. Dave Drysdale and Tamburri took great care of the graveyard of the boy. Drysdale, the cemetery secretary and treasurer, stated that he felt good to hear the news that the boy’s name had been found. Since the case of identifying the boy has been Solved, the culprit will also be found soon. Drysdale hoped that those involved in the case would be here to see the name of the boy put on the grave. 

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Finding the name of the boy who passed long ago has relieved everyone, and everyone believes that it will lead to the culprit. To know more, please visit the link

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The Boy in the Box Reddit-FAQs

What was the name of the boy?

Joseph Augustus Zarelli.

How old was the boy at the time of death?

4 years old.

Where was he cremated?

Ivy Hills.

Where did the boy live?

In Philadelphia.

Who did take care of his graveyard?

Dave Drysdale and Tamburri.

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