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TG San Diego Reviews: What Is Pacific Beach? What Are The Details Of Gym and Cole? Know Here!

In this post, we will discuss TG San Diego Reviews and why people are looking for its review on the internet.

Are you looking for the viral video of TG San Diego gym? If you are unaware of why this particular video is getting viral and what’s the matter, this article is really important. This article has stated all the important facts you need to know.

The video is getting viral in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Ireland, making people think about this video’s reality. If you think this gym is good enough, you should read the TG San Diego Reviews article until the end.


Disclaimer: All the information in this article is derived from the internet. Thus we are not responsible for any fake information. Moreover, this article is only for educational purposes, and we are not supporting or promoting any platform or person. 

What are the reviews of the people on TG San Diego?

TG San Diego is one of the finest gyms in California. According to Google, the gym got a 4.1 rating with 344 Google reviews. However, most reviews on the Google platform were positive, with a few negative reviews. However, it is hard to suggest whether this gym is good for you.

Why is TG San Diego Pacific Beach trending in the news?

The gym is trending on the news after a fitness influencer shared a video of this gym. In this video, he said he had been banned from the gym when he misunderstood the re-racking weight. Further, he also added that the gym staff was very rude to him. 

People react angrily when the TikTok influencer shares his experience with this gym. The influencer’s massive fanbase supports him and reacts angrily to the gym. However, his supporter also trolled him on Yelp and Google reviews.

Since then, the incident is getting viral over the internet, and people are looking for reviews of this gym on the internet.

A brief discussion of the TG Gym San Diego Pacific Beach viral video

The TikTok influencer said that when he went to the gym and used a half-squat machine. He didn’t see extra weights that made an employee snap at him when using that. As a result, the influencer asked why he was so rude. After this, the employee asked him to get out of the gym. Moreover, you can check the link to social media below in this article.

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The Last Words

When an influencer shared a video online, people were looking for the TG San Diego gym review. In the video, he said that the employee was rude to him when working out in the gym.

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TG San Diego Reviews– FAQs

Q1. What is the name of the influencer?

Ans. Mark Hunter Jr. is the name of the influencer.

Q2. What genie influencer is he? 

Ans. He is a fitness influencer. 

Q3. How many people have watched the video till now? 

Ans. The video got 19 million views till now.

Q4. Did the Yelp profile of the gym get affected by this incident?

Ans. Yes, earlier, the site scored 2.5 stars on Yelp, but now it has dropped to 1 star. 

Q5. Does the gym owner ask to apologize?

Ans. Yes, the gym owner asked to apologized from Mark Hunter Jr.

Q6. Where is the gym situated?

Ans. The gym is situated in the SoCal area. 

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