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Texas Driver Kills 7 Video: What Happened In Texas? Grab Full Information On Accident Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, Twitter

The post tells details on Texas Driver Kills 7 Video that is getting viral on several platforms. Read further for details.

Have you watched the Texas accident video? Do you know about the accident? Several people had to lost their life due to a car Incident on Sunday. Citizens of the United States are hurt by hearing the bad news. Several people are injured brutally and even died. The post will give you more details on the Texas accident.

Let’s start the post to learn about Texas Driver Kills 7 Video.

Texas Driver plows car video

Car accidents are common but some accidents are life-threatening. An incident happened in Texas where a driver plowed his car into several pedestrians. The incident took the lives of around seven people. As per some online sources, there were 18 pedestrians, and eight out of them for killed whereas 10 got injured. So there’s no confirmation on the number of deaths. 

The crash took place at around 8:29 am on Sunday. The video of the accident is also getting viral on social media. In the video, it is clear that an SUV comes rapidly and plows into the pedestrians waiting for the bus.

Accident Video Viral On Reddit

The Texas car video is not available on reddit but the video is available on other platforms. There are two videos of the accident. In one of the videos, a car is seen coming at speed and crashing over eighteen people. Another video shows the injured people lying on the road. The victims in the video were filled with blood. Some of the victims had blood over their faces.

The video has gone viral on many social media accounts. Some people have also posted pictures of injured people in hospitals. The accident video can be easily found on Twitter

Details about the incident

The car crash happened in Brownsville, Texas in the morning. The victims were standing outside Ozanam Center and waiting for the bus when a car came and plowed over the pedestrians. The driver of the car was George Alvarez who is 34 years old. As per the online sources, the police are investigating if the driver had intoxicants. 

As per the reports, the judge stated that it is not clear if the driver had crashed intentionally or lost control of the vehicle. The driver George Alvarez tried to escape from the scene but some people stopped him. 

Is the crash video available on Instagram?

No, the video is unavailable on instagram. Currently, the full video can easily be found on Twitter. The video is divided into two parts. One part includes the crash part and the other video includes the victims lying on the road. Users will hardly find the video on instagram as we researched the video on insta but couldn’t find any clip related to the crash.

The video is available on some accounts on Twitter. You can search the crash video on Twitter to watch the full incident. The video clearly shows how brutally the car driver crashed the pedestrians. You can also watch the whole incident news on Youtube.

Latest update on the car crash

As per the latest reports, the car driver has been taken into custody. The car driver George has an extensive rap sheet. He appeared in court on Monday. As per the sources, the authorities are waiting for the toxicology results. 

The post describes information on a car incident that happened in Texas. The car incident link is posted in the article so that all the readers can get aware of the reckless driving of the car driver.

In a nutshell

Visit this link to learn details on car crashes.

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Texas driver video on Telegram: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happened in Texas?

Ans. In Texas, some pedestrians were killed by a car driver who plowed his car into the pedestrians.

  1. How many people were killed in the incident?

Ans. As per some sources, 7 people were killed in the incidents but many sources are claiming that eight people were killed in the car crash.

  1. Who was the car driver?

Ans. The car driver was a 34-year-old man, George Alvarez who drove the car over many people.

  1. How many people were there?

Ans. There were a total of eighteen people out of which 10 got injured and others died.

  1. Do Tiktok have the accident video?

Ans. People who can access the tik tok app in their region can search for the video.

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