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Testproductsnow Scam: Is Test Products Now Legit? Find Reddit Updates Here!

The article highlights all the important aspects of the Testproductsnow Scam and helps the customers know the complete website details.

Have you heard of Testproductsnow? Have you heard of the latest scam that the website offers to customers? People from the United States are shocked to know the truth about the website is a scam, and they are looking forward to more information about it. The website offers to make money online by purchasing and testing products from Amazon and also can get Amazon jobs.

We will discuss all the points about the website and focus on Testproductsnow Scam claims. Keep reading the complete article to know what the website has to offer to the customers and how they are fooling them.


Disclaimer-We do not intend to hurt the sentiments and feelings of people associated with the information. The news provided here is taken from online sources.

What is Testproductsnow? is a website that offers various product testing jobs from Amazon, but we have learned that it is only a scam that redirects people to other survey websites. The websites lure customers to buy goods and products from the website and ask them to submit their details, which in the future are used by the scammers in a wrong manner.

If we check the website on its trust index, we will find that the website has received a very bad score of only one percent and has a very short domain. We have no details about the domain owner, and till now, the website has not received any reviews from customers.

Are Test Products Now Legit?

The test products now website is a scam, and people must avoid using the website for any kind of job. Those who are attracted by the testimonials provided on the website, let us tell you that those are fake testimonials only created to make the website gain its credibility score. When the people visit the website, they will be asked to enter their email address and take them to an option that says Become an Amazon product tester.

Further, they will be asked to choose one of the three options provided, and no matter whichever option they choose, people will not get any job offer from Amazon or any other channels. They will be redirected to other Pam websites, and they will ask to complete various tasks provided, sign up for other subscriptions and fill out forms with all their details.

Details of the website

The website is completely fake, and if we check there, we will know that it is not affiliated with any of the websites it mentions. Amazon and the website also promise people make them part of Netflix tagger, which is only a fake promise, and people do not get paid for anything, either testing products or tagging videos on Netflix.

Now the question remains how do the scammers benefit from it? The scammers get commissions from those survey websites when the customers fill up their details, and every visitor who fills up the information receives a commission. Not only that but the visitors’ email addresses are also collected along with their details, which are sold to other fraud websites and can be used for other phishing and spamming purposes.

Reviews of Testproductsnow Reddit page

The website has received very poor reviews from people, and they have reported on various discussion forums on Reddit that they have been scammed and have not received a single penny on any of the tasks they were asked to do. Now it becomes very mandatory that people who have already been a victim of this spam must follow various steps to protect themselves from further issues.

The most important thing is to change the passwords of the email account the customers provided and the other online accounts that use the same password. One should also contact the bank and inform them about the scam. People are also requested to report this camp to the FTC. The most important thing is to avoid clicking on any links the customers receive from unknown websites.

Ways to save yourself from the Testproductsnow Scam 

If the visitors have downloaded anything from the website they were asked to do, the device must be filled with viruses and malware. It is advised to run a scan to get information about the threats from which their device must have been suffering. The best way to protect yourself from scams is to get complete information about websites that promise to provide money. 

The complete information of any such information is given on the official pages of any website, and if the customers do not come across any such information, they are requested not to click on any links mentioned by the unknown sources, and they should not fill any kinds of forms that demand all their details.

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Testproductsnow is a scam, and people must not trust the website. It does not offer any Amazon product testing job, and it is only a scheme that directs visitors to spam and survey websites, tricking them into buying some unwanted products from the website and in return, they send their details to the online scammers.

Have you been a victim of the online website? Comment below with your opinions.

Testproductsnow Scam-FAQs

Q1. What is Testproductsnow?

It is an online website that provides Amazon product testing jobs.

Q2. Does Testproductsnow provide testing jobs?


Q3. Is the website legitimate?

The website is a legend and is a complete scam.

Q4. How can you check if your devices are infected with a virus?

People are requested to run a free scan on the device they downloaded anything from the website.

Q5. What offers does the website provide?

The website promises to provide jobs such as product tester and Netflix tagger and become part of the Amazon Vine program.

Q6. Is there any information given about the owner of the website?

The details of the website are unknown.

Q7. How to stay safe from these online websites?

It is advised to remain careful when installing any online data.

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