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To get authentic detail on Scam trending as a money-making online portal through testing Amazon products via below the write-up

Are you aware of any website that offers to earn money through online platforms by testing products from Amazon? Do you need clarification about what we are saying? In today’s discussion, we are sharing about a website claiming users can make money online by testing Amazon products. 

This news will be discussed in Australia, Canadaand the United States. So, to get more detail, you should come across Scam.


Disclaimer- The article will inform you of the discussed portal and educate you properly. Our intention is not to promote it or its services.

How does cheat users?

When you visit, a page asking you for your email address will be available. Then you have to click on Become an Amazon Product Tester. Now you will be directed to a different page where you must select either the Amazon Product Tester, Netflix Tagger, or Amazon Vine program option.

It does not matter which option you select. You won’t receive a job offer from any one of the options. Alternatively, you will be taken to several questionnaires and junk mail websites where you will be prompted to complete requests, subscribe to services, download applications etc. These websites don’t pay you, and they’re not connected to Amazon or Netflix.

Focused on Reviews

Our study found that it is a scammed website that asks users’ personal details and later transfers this detail to scammers who use it for fraudulent activity. A fake website called falsely advertises opportunities to work as an Amazon Product Tester. They entice people by offering them the chance to earn $750 for posting online critiques of Amazon products.

When users visit the website and click Apply Now, they are taken to, another survey website. It raises the suspicion that is not an official Amazon job site.

Is Scam being discussed on Reddit?

In our investigation on the portal, we found that this scam detail has been posted on Reddit and through the comment, users want to know more about this scam.

These warning signs relate to

  • Fraudulent earnings claim: False claim that reviews will pay $750.
  • A misleading redirection sends users to a different survey website.
  • The agreement to receive spam emails: Unintentionally agreeing to receive promotional emails.
  • Gathering of personal data: Request for confidential information that might be abused.
  • Absence of compensation: Despite finishing the procedure, payment still needs to be made.
  • No private information is accessible: It lacks information on its proprietors, guidelines, and contact information.

What action should you take if you fall under Scam?

You should immediately change all the detail you mentioned on the form of this portal. Inform your bank about the scam and go through your transaction detail. Immediate report to Federal Trade Commission. Delete all the mail received from, and don’t click on any unwanted links.

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Conclusion- Scam is a dishonest plan that takes advantage of people’s eagerness to take advantage of Amazon product testing opportunities.

Do you want to read more about this kind of news? Please share your views with us. Scam-FAQs-

Q.1 When last checked?

Ans– 01/06/2023.

Q.2 Is the website trustworthy?


Q.3 Does offer employment?

Ans- No.

Q.4 What does offer the review payment?

Ans– $750 for each review.

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