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Tess Antonio Age: Who Is Tess Antonio? Explore Her Full Biography Here

This article exposed Tess Antonio Age, Wiki details, her well-known films, and more.

Who is Tess Antonio? What is she famous for? Why do people have a crush on Tess Antonio? Tess Antonio is a Filipino Actress from the Philippines and Famous from Wansapanataym. Fans are surfing the net to know more about Tess Antonio’s age and personal details. Read the Tess Antonio Age article to know her Height, Age, Marriage, Relationships, Dating, Wiki, Family details, and more.


About Tess Antonio

Tess Antonio is a Filipino Actress. Tess Antonio, the celebrity woman, is at the 42,266th rank among the celebrity of the most crushed girl. And also, Tess Antonio is in 100,932nd rank on the Top Crushes list of celebrities. Let us see her appearance and how she looks. Tess Antonio has brown hair and is straight. And she has a slim body and medium brown hair with a cute haircut. Exact details of age are not available.Check her photo by clicking the link mentioned in the article. 

Tess Antonio Biography

Tess Antonio is a well-known Filipino actress. She performed well in the famous film Kokey, released in 2007. Continuing her success in the upcoming films also. She was known for the famous films Mutya in 2011 and Lorenzo’s Time in 2012.

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Tess Antonio’s Famous films

Here is a list of well-known films acted by Tess Antonio. Tess Antonio is well known for Love Spell in 2006, Ang Probinsyano in 2015, and Wildflower in 2017.

Tess Antonio Age    

Tess Antonio is active in her acting career and on social media pages. She has many followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others. But her personal details were not mentioned anywhere.

Tess Antonio has 8.4K followers on the Facebook page with the user name Tess Antonio. She usually shares some interesting film clips on her page. Her last post on the Facebook page was on 25th December 2022. She posted the video clip for 9:39 mins with hashtag #WishKoLangNinang. She also mentioned Babae, sinugod ang nanay ng kanyang inaanak! Which was aired on 24th December 2022.

Tess Antonio’s Husband

Tess Antonio is a Television actress, Film/Theater Actress, and also a Commercial Model. She is always active on Instagram’s social media page. Her user account on her Instagram page is @tessantonio Lyka: Tess Antonio. She didn’t mention the personal details of her parents, partner, or dating details anywhere. To date, she has posted 890 posts. Most of the posts are her photos, her day out. And also she posts friends and family get-togethers and memorable moments of her life. She has 10.4K followers on her Instagram account.

Tess Antonio’s net worth

We surfed the internet to get Tess Antonio’s personal Wiki details. But nowhere mentioned Tess Antonio AgeDOB, parents, Partner, her relationship details. We got a film list in which Tess Antonio acted and her salary. Tess Antonio’s net worth is approximately 1 million dollars.

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Tess Antonio is a well-known Filipino actress. She is Television, Film actress and Commercial model. Love Spell is the first well-known film for its reach and success. Click the link to know Tess Antonio’s details and more. 

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Tess Antonio Age: FAQ

Q1. Who is Tess Antonio?

Tess Antonio is a Filipino Actress.

Q1. How old is Tess Antonio?

Exact details are not available.

Q1. List some of Tess Antonio’s well-known films.

Love Spell, Ang Probinsyano and Wildflower.

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