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Terry Gee Biography: Is He Still Alive Or Dead? Check Details Of His Wife And Death!

The article shares information about Terry Gee biography and answers questions. Is Terry Gee still alive or dead? And discussed his death and wife details.

Do you believe that talent can survive even if a person has a disability? Then, have you heard of this celebrated singer and actor, Terry Gee?

Terry Gee has won the hearts of people Worldwide with his voice and acting skills. But since childhood, Terry Gee has suffered from cerebral palsy disease, so he lived all his life in a wheelchair. Yes, you heard right! Recently, he died, so Terry Gee Biography is trending all over the internet, so let us see about it.

Terry Gee Biography Details

Terry Gee, who was born in 1987, was a great singer and actor who belonged to Harare, Zimbabwe. He was born with cerebral palsy, so he spent his entire life in a wheelchair.

Even that turned out to be a hurdle for him to join school. Many schools refused to take him. Finally, Terry joined the Jairos Jiri Association. Terry Gee Death grabbed the spotlight on him. 

Terry practiced Christianity, so he was more inclined towards gospel songs; thereby, he was more interested in music. He collaborated with Baba Harare to release his first song. 

Terry has also participated in the Young Voices show for disabled people to expose his musical talent. Recently, Terry Gee also acted in a “Zviri Mudzimba drama series as one of the main characters. But on December 14, 2023, Terry Gee died.

Terry Gee Biography Details

Terry Gee Death

On December 14, 2023, the singer and actor Terry Gee died due to a cardiac attack at the age of 36, and the manager of Terry Gee confirmed the news. 

He has suffered from severe lung problems as well. So, everything is attributed to his heart attack. But some of his fans could accept the fact that Terry Gee is no more, so the question of whether Is Terry Gee Dead keeps popping up on the internet.

Before his death, Terry’s mother, violent Green, announced that his health condition was very severe, so they asked for funds for his brain scans and surgery. Even though they collected 250 dollars to perform the scan, everything went in vain because doctors couldn’t save his life.

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Is Terry Gee Dead?

Yes, on December 14, 2023, Terry Gee died due to a heart attack at Arundel Hospital. In recent days, Terry had been receiving treatment for his brain and lung problems. But suddenly, he had a cardiac arrest and died in the hospital itself.

Is Terry Gee Dead

Is Terry Gee Still Alive?

No, Terry Gee died recently, and his manager himself confirmed this news. Some rumors are spreading that the death of Terry was just a death hoax, as he was only 36 years old. Well, it is not a death hoax. So, the answer to the question, Is Terry Gee Still Alive? is no.

Since childhood, Terry Gee has suffered from the deadly cerebral palsy disease so he might have taken many medicines. In addition to that, Terry also developed lung disease.

Terry Gee Wife

Terry Gee died as a single. He wasn’t a married man. Even though he was 36 years old, he wasn’t interested in any love relationships because he thought his palsy death was a hurdle to finding his true love. Hence, Terry Gee Wife details are not known.

Terry Gee Wife


Hence, we have thoroughly explained the biography and death details of the late singer Terry Gee. Even though he suffered from lots of medical issues. Terry’s interest in music was seen until his deathbed. Hence, Terry Gee Death couldn’t tarnish Terry’s musical legacy.

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