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The following article will disclose the complete planning of the Robert murder case and inform about the demand for Terrance Bethel Pictures online.

Have you heard of Lindsay Shivers’s master planning of killing the husband with the support of a boyfriend? The anonymous mysterious case came across the authorities during a break-in investigation. 

Worldwide, people are talking about the reason behind such serial killing thoughts of Lindsay Shiver. Also, get more details about Terrance Bethel Pictures.

Photos of Terrance Bethel

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of Terrance Bethel on social media. People are asking for pictures of Terrence because he is one of the prime suspects in the murder planning case. Additionally, Terrance is the current boyfriend of Lindsay, and there is no information on how they connected.

As per the sources, Terrance and Lindsay met in the Bahamas and fell in love. Terrance hired a hitman called Farron Newbold Junior. Three of them are planning to kill Lindsey’s husband, Robert Shiver. However, the investigation is under process, and the reason behind the planning is unclear.

28 Bahamas Photo

Lindsay and Robert uploaded multiple pictures of their vacation in the Bahamas, along with their children. As an outcome, people on social media are searching for clues that can help them identify the suspect’s face. Moreover, there is no person available on the social media account of Lindsay Shiver.

Sadly none of the photos on social media contain any clue or hint regarding Terrance. The authorities also didn’t give any information about the identity of Lindsay’s boyfriend. However, police arrested all three members of the murder planning and took serious action regarding the brutal planning. 

Current Status 

Recently before the arrest, Lindsay uploaded some Images on social media with her husband and three children at Auburn University. Additionally, during the inquiry, Robert mentioned that he had no clue about the model planning, and there were no disputes between them.

Later when police arrested all three, they were under investigation and will be presented in the Nassau court on 28 July 2023. Moreover, the chief magistrate of Bahamas Court, Roberto Reckly, is also involved in the case for submitting the evidence regarding Terrance Bethel. 

Luckily Robert is safe along with his three children. The former football player of Auburn University is surprised to see the terrible thoughts of her wife.

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All About Lindsay Shiver: Mother of Three Arrested in the Bahamas in Alleged Plot to Kill Former Auburn Football Player Husband, Robert Shiver
by u/No_Advertising_428 in auburn


Final Verdict

The dreadful planning of Lindsay with her boyfriend to kill her husband ended when police caught the evidence from an external source. The suspicious killing messages on a suspect’s phone alarmed authorities during the investigation. 

However, all three members involved in the murder planning are under arrest and will be taken to court for the final judgment. What is your thought regarding this murder planning? Comment below. 

Terrance Bethel Pictures: FAQs

Q1 What is the age of Lindsay and Robert Shiver? 

Lindsay is 36 years old, while Robert is 38 years old.

Q2 What is the profession of Lindsay Shiver? 

Currently, she is a social media creator, and she was crowned Miss Houston County in 2005.

Q3 What is the reaction of Robert Shiver’s after finding out about the murder planning? 

After getting to know about the model planning of his wife, Robert filed a divorce with her. 

Q4 When did Lindsay Shiver and Robert Shiver get married?

The couple got married in 2010.

Q5 Can we check the Images of Lindsay and Robert on Instagram?

Yes, there are multiple pictures of the couple on Instagram, where Lindsay has more than 1.5K followers and 1488 posts.

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