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Terrance Bethel Bahamas Photo: Are Terrance Bethel and Faron Newbold Involved in Conspiracy? Find 28 Bahamas Trendin Photo & Pictures Facts Now!

The details of Terrance Bethel Bahamas Photo summarized in this write-up indicate the conspiracy plotted by two individuals.

What did the recent Bahamas photograph reveal? Was there a plot by a wife to kill his spouse? Many queries spread across social networks when online users from the United States and other places learnt about the photographs.

Hence, the mystery behind the uncovered Terrance Bethel Bahamas Photo and the killing plot is explained in this post.

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What does the photo of Terrance Bethel depict?

Terrance Bethel’s recently revealed photographs reveal his moods depicting enjoyment and fulfilled life. He was identified as the boyfriend of Lindsay Shiver, who was recently arrested for plotting the killing of his spouse.

How are Terrance Bethel and Faron Newbold connected?

Faron Newbold, the 29-year-old alleged hitman and Terrance Bethel are connected since they, along with Lindsay Shiver, plotted a killing. Terrance attended Abaco Central High School and Agape High Christian School in the Bahamas and was involved in a murder plotting conspiracy.

What did Lindsay Shiver plan with Terrance Bethel?

Lindsay Shiver plotted the killing of her spouse with Terrance Bethel when they were on Abaco Islands on July 16, 2023. However, they are taken into custody along with Newbold, who was part of this conspiracy. The three defendants, as seen in Terrance Bethel Pictures, will face charges of plotting the killing of Lindsay Shiver’s spouse. 

Are police investigating the killing plot case?

The investigation for the killing plot of Richard Shiver is undergoing, and the officials have discovered a few chats on WhatsApp that confirm the charges.

Was Lindsay Shiver’s relationship with Robert unhealthy?

On April 5, 2023, Robert filed a divorce from his wife since Lindsay Shiver and her husband, Robert Shiver, were not in a healthy relationship. The reason Robert mentioned for leading to file a divorce was unethical conduct.

Are the three accused arrested?

Law enforcement officials recently detained Lindsay Shiver, Terrance Bethel, and Faron Newbold. The Terrance Bethel 28 Bahamas Photo that showed Lindsay, Terrance, and Robert indicates that they must have gone to Abaco to commit their plot of killing Robert.

Quick wiki:

  • Real name- Terrance Bethel
  • Age- 28 years
  • Marital status- Unmarried
  • Girlfriend- Lindsay Shiver

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Former Auburn Cheerleader arrested in plot to kill former Auburn football player
by u/OneSecond13 in wde


Terrance Bethel Bahamas, the boyfriend of a beauty queen contestant, plotted to kill Lindsay’s husband. However, they remain imprisoned in a Bahamas jail and will appear on October 5, 2023, in a courtroom.

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Terrance Bethel Bahamas Photo: FAQs

Q1. Who is Terrance Bethel?

A Bahamas native

Q2. What are the charges on Terrance Bethel?

Terrance Bethel is accused of plotting a murder.

Q3. Who did Terrance Bethel plot the conspiracy with?

Lindsay Shiver

Q4. Who is the acting magistrate of the Terrance Bethel case?

Roberto Reckley, the Chief Magistrate 

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