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Temu Mystery Box Scam: Explore Detailed Review Here

We bring you exclusive facts about fraudulent mystery box offers and fraudulent emails in this Temu Mystery Box Scam Review.

A new scam is flourishing in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, related to the famous online shopping store Temu. Did you receive an email from Temu to claim a mystery box? Let’s check all trend details in this Temu Mystery Box Scam.

Uncovering Temu Mystery Box Scam:

The details of the Temu mystery box unauthentic email were posted initially on @r/Scams Reddit community pages by the user @u/stevemyers001 18-hours ago on 8th/November/2023. @u/stevemyers001 informed about the scam to make people aware of a new form of fraudulent email to cheat customers. 

@u/stevemyers001 stated that he is confident that Temu won’t act against such fraudsters and emails getting circulated. Hence, he is posting the details on Reddit. The user mentioned that the email had a subject line – Celebrating Temu Anniversary With An Temu Mystery Box. 

Temu Mystery Box Review:

The email included the logo of Temu and an image style matching genuine advertisements of Temu in eye-catching and dark colours. It gave the impression of a genuine email.

The email stated that the user had won a Temu mystery box. The user needs to complete a survey on to claim his mystery box. The email created a sense of urgency by stating that the survey and offer will expire on 6th/November/2023, the same day. Further, the email also had a counter giving the offer expiry time as 05:38:00 hours.

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Plot of Temu Mystery Box Scam:

The survey link was a button in the email that would redirect the users to third-party, unauthentic websites. Clicking such links is highly risky due to phishing attempts, the installation of mini-apps and ads on user devices without the user’s concern, and threats that could steal the user’s personal and payment information.

As of writing, the Reddit post gained three comments and five up-votes. Two Redditors suggested that such emails were a scam. The @r/Scams Reddit group has 585k members and aims at making people aware of scams. Hence, the post is helping thousands of customers to be cautious. The Redditor did not mention the email ID of the sender. 

Identifying Temu Mystery Box Scam:

Temu mystery box email is a scam because:

  1. The anniversary of Temu is in July, as it was launched in July/2022. Hence, the anniversary date had already passed.
  2. Several customers received the same email on 8th/November/2023, stating the offer would expire on the same day, suggesting that scammers regularly circulate such emails.
  3. Genuine Temu email contains its customer service contact number and email, which was not present on the Temu mystery box fraudulent email.
  4. The linking third-party’s website address ( was not visible in the email but hyperlinked with a button, determined in Temu Mystery Box Review.
  5. Temu does not offer mystery boxes freely. The Temu mystery box is mostly sold between $4.99 and $19.99.
  6. Though Temu offers certain products freely, it is under their referral program.

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Temu mystery box email is anticipated to circulated since the last week of October/2023. One of the emails reported on Reddit was from the UK, and the other was from the USA. It indicates that the Temu mystery box has become a multi-national scam. The website is inaccessible, and the error message suggests that its server is under maintenance/down.

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