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[Updated] Temple Police Officer Funeral: Who Is Temple Police Officer? How Did He Die? Check Full Information On Incident

The article explains the Temple officer and how the victim shot him. Did the Police catch him? People obtain details by reading Temple Police Officer Funeral.

What happened to Temple Police? How he lost his life? Who shot the Police? Did the Police arrest him? When was Fitzgerald’s funeral? Did you get details for any of these questions? People from the United States showed their tributes to police officers. Read more details by reading the Temple Police Officer Funeral.


Who is Fitzgerald?

Fitzgerald is a temple police officer. Fitzgerald is good- hearted man who takes care of his family very well. People like his warm-natured behaviour and the smile he showers too. He was married, and Fitzgerald had four children. Josh Shapiro stated that the children deserved to be with their father, but the situation made that impossible. The government praised Fitzgerald for his service and for helping nature to the community.

Temple Police Officer Killed

As per sources, Fitzgerald died on 18th February due to a gunshot. On the University Campus, he tried to stop the robbery. As per sources, the suspect was 18 years old, and his name was Miles Pfeffer. When Fitzgerald tried to catch the suspect, he got shot by the suspect in the head multiple times. Pfeffer tried to take the revolver of the Fitzgerald.

As per the Police, he got shot when Fitzgerald tried to catch the suspect. Later the person tried to get the gun from the cop. The incident that occurred at the university is for the first time where the cop lost his life when he was on duty. More details on Temple Police Officer Funeral are below.

Immediately after the incident, the suspect was taken into custody. The suspect is caught through the surveillance cameras. It also came to know that miles had a lot of weapons with him, along with the gun.

The flags flew at half-staff in the state until sunset on his funeral day, as ordered by Governor Josh Shapiro.


  • Name: Christopher Fitzgerald
  • DOB: 1991
  • Age: 31
  • DOD: 18th February 2023.
  • Nationality: American
  • Spouse: Marissa Fitzgerald
  • Children: four
  • Father: Dr Joel Fitzgerald Sr.
  • Mother: Pauline Fitzgerald
  • Height: 178.3 cm
  • Weight: 83.2
  • Worked as: Police Officer

Temple Police Officer Funeral: 24th February at 11.30 AM

Fitzgerald worked as a temple police officer in Philadelphia. He was dead on 18th February due to a gunshot wound. He was kind by nature. People are showering their love towards him. Police arrested the victim who shot Fitzgerald. 

Miles Pfeffer was charged with murder. Hundreds of people are gathered for the funeral on Thursday evening in Philadelphia. Huge people showed their respect and love towards the family of the temple officer. Temple Police Officer Funeral occurred on Friday, 24th February. The data that is gathered from different sources in the article.


According to online sources, the temple officer Fitzgerald was shot by Miles Pfeffer, who is 18 years old. The incident happened in North Philadelphia. He passed away on 18th February. Funeral arrangements are done on 24th February from 11.30 AM in Philadelphia at Cathedral Basilica. Gather more details online.

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Temple Police Officer Funeral– FAQ

Q1. Who killed Temple officer Fitzgerald?

Miles Pfeffer 

Q2. How was Temple officer dead?

Fitzgerald was dead since he was shot three times. After that, he lay on the ground.

Q3. When did the funeral happen?

The funeral happened on Friday 24th February at 11.30 AM.

Q4. What is the name of the temple officer?

Christopher Fitzgerald

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