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Telus Card Fee: Find What Is Its Processing Fee, Explore Its Fee Details!

This article provides detail on Telus Card Fee and further details on the CRTC delay on making decisions about Telus credit card charges. Follow our blog

Are you aware of the credit card fee imposed by Telus? Do you know how much Telus will charge as a credit card fee? If not, this blog is what you need to go through. Telus has recently urged CRTC to allow them to impose a credit card fee. This fee will apply to people of Canada.

In this blog, we will cover details about the Telus Card Fee and further details on the rate of the credit card fee. Read the blog below to know further.


Details on Telus Credit Card Charge:

The latest news about the Telus credit card charge has been the talk of the town. As per sources, Telus had filed an application to CRTC to allow them to impose a fee on credit card use. The fee will allow them to recover a certain cost. The telecom company filed it on 8th August 2022. However, as of now, the CRTC has asked for further time until 6th December before making any such decision on imposing the fee.

Telus Credit Card Processing Fee:

The Processing fee for credit card use on phone bills and the internet is expected to be around 1.5%. However, Telus has clarified the reason behind charging such a fee. As per reports, they are charging such processing fees on credit cards to recover the unbearable cost they often face to accepting payment via credit card. It was on 8th August 2022 when they urged the CRTC to allow them to implement such fees. As per the recent news, the CRTC has asked for further time until 6th December before making any decision on Telus Credit Card Fee.

Further details Telus Fee charges:

According to the 1.5% processing fee, the customers will have to bear a cost of $2 every month. The fees will only be a one-time payment and will impose on the credit card. At the same time, CRTC is yet to decide on such a matter. It has asked for further time before making any decision. In contrast, customers are quite frustrated with such fee-charge plans by Telus.

However, customers can prevent such fees by using any one-time payment mode other than a credit card like Visa prepaid, Master Card, Visa Debit, etc.

The CRTC has asked for more time until 6th December before making any decision on Telus Card Fee. To know more about Telus credit card charges, press this link. This article provides details on the CRTC response to the Telus credit card charge.

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Telus Card Fee: FAQ-

1- What is the Processing fee on Credit Card? 

Answer: The processing fee on the credit card would be 1.5%.

2 – What is the response of CRTC on Telus Fee implementation?

Answer: The CRTC has asked for more time until 6th December before making any decision.

3 – When did Telus File an application to CRTC?

Answer: Telus filed an application on 8th August 2022.

4 – Why Telus wants to impose a fee on the credit card?

Answer: Telus intends to recover the processing cost that it faces while accepting credit card payments.

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