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Team Alliance Token (Aug 2021) Prediction and Price!

Team Alliance Token (Aug 2021) Prediction and Price >> Glance over here if you are confused between Fan token and Alliance Token being same and collect its additional details here.

Is Team Alliance crypto Token and Fan Crypto token the same? Of course, yes!

The people of Brazil and other countries might be confused between the two tokens. But we will clear your doubts about the same in the notes provided down about Team Alliance Token

As Fan Coin and Team Alliance Coin are the same, the price value and data highlights of the Coin will show up the same. So let’s get all the possible facts relating to the given concerned token.

What Is Team Alliance Crypto Coin?

Alliance fan Coins are digital currencies (cryptographic assets) that offer their customers voting rights in the published surveys by Alliance company on the application socios.com.

Sometimes these coins are denoted by the named team Alliance Coin or fan token. Both are the same as team Alliance is said to have launched Fan tokens for their holders.

Team Alliance Token permits fans to take part in the decisions made by Fan led companies with the help of a platform of mobile voting. Furthermore, it allows participants to serve tickets into the exclusive and secure inner circle which belongs to Fan. This is being done with a shared belief and passion.

The more Fan coin is with you, the more you vote. And the more you vote, the higher rate of the count will be yours and will lead you moving upwards towards various rewards tiers. One can avail of the voting rights through the official website of this coin socios.com.

Founders Of Team Alliance Token:

Alliance is a gaming organization that was founded in 2013 April by Alex Garfield and Team Razer. Since the launch of the team is considered a staple among European Dota 2 teams.

Alliance Fan Token Price Live Data:

The live price of Fan token today is USD 3.39. The trading volume with twenty-four hours is not known. The Coin in the last twenty-four hours is high by 249.02%. The current ranking by Coin market cap is #1227. The live current market cap of Alliance Token is $3,394,060. 

Alliance Token Price Statistics:

  • Team Alliance Token Price: $2.37
  • 24h price change: $1.37
  • 24h high: $4.17
  • 24h low: $0.9513
  • 24h trading volume: no data
  • Volume/Market cap: not known 
  • Market dominance: 0.00%
  • Market Rank: #1227
  • Fully diluted market cap: $16,950,550.11
  • Market cap: $3,394,059.50

Alliance Token Supply Information:

  • Current circulating supply: 1,001,165 ALL
  • Maximum Supply: no information 
  • Total Supply: 5,000,000 ALL

The data of the maximum supply of this Coin is currently unavailable.

How To Buy Alliance Fan Crypto Token?

If you are interested in buying Alliance Fan Coin (ALL), you need to have either Ethereum or Bitcoin for trading. Additionally, you need to follow up on the below-mentioned steps to purchase Team Alliance Token!

  • Step 1: Go to the Binance portal and fill in the trading details 
  • Step2: purchase your Bitcoin first
  • Step3: transfer the crypto coin to altcoins exchange platform Huobi 
  • Step4: deposit your bitcoin to the exchange 
  • Step5: Now trade the Alliance fan Coin 

Know More About The Team Alliance Coin:

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. The Short Form Of Alliance Token.

Ans. ALL is the short form of Alliance Token 

  1. What is the maximum supply of ALL Coin?

Ans. Not known 

  1. Is Alliance Token and Fan Token the same?

Ans. Yes


Team Alliance Token and Fan token is indeed the same digital currency denoted by short-term ALL. The write-up shows you the very best guide of this coin above.

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