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[Watch Video] Td Jakes Diddy Video Leaked Twitter: Check Details On Trending News And Clip

What are the details on TD Jakes Diddy Video Leaked Twitter? What are news and videos related to them? Read Details.

How did TD Jakes Diddy Video Leaked Twitter spread? Who is TD Jakes? Who is Diddy? Why are they trending on the internet? What type of controversy has surrounded TD Jakes? People from South Africa and the United States are interested in knowing the facts regarding the scandal. Thus, we will discuss this in this article.

TD Jakes Diddy Video Leaked Twitter

TD Jakes is a famous Christian Preacher from America. He has a vast fanbase devoted to him. Thomas Dexter Jakes is a Christian Preacher (Non-denominational). Jakes is an Author, Preacher, and filmmaker. Many people, including a lot of celebrities from America, have faith in him and his preaching’s. 

Recently, a video has been leaked on social media. It alleges that TD Jakes has been involved in some explicit activities alongside the singer Diddy. TD Jakes and Diddy have been openly associated with each other. Many times, Diddy mentioned how TD Jakes’s preachings lifted him from his dark times. 

TD Jakes Diddy Video Leaked Twitter

More Details on TD Jakes and Diddy News

As per the reports, the case came to light when the singer’s ex-wife, Cassie, came forward with some evidence. She submitted the evidence to the FBI. It had voice and video recordings, which disclosed details about a burner phone of Kim Porter, etc. The tapes also disclosed the inappropriate parties of the singer.

This is where TD Jakes’s name has been added to the case. Where a voice recording says that the person has seen TD Jakes being involved in intimate activities with young boys. The recording also claimed that TD Jake’ is not straight, and he has been part of many such parties in the past. 

More Details on TD Jakes and Diddy News

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Origin of TD Jakes and Diddy Video

On TikTok, a creator had posted a video. The creator claims that Cassie had submitted the evidence against TD Jakes and Diddy to the FBI. The video blew up, garnering millions of views in a day. After that video, a lot of people started to talk about the same case on TikTok.

After some time, the news reported a video leaked on Twitter claiming it to be the evidence that Cassie handed over. However, all of the facts are present in the form of a story on the internet. We do not have any source to cross-verify the TD Jakes and Diddy News facts provided. 

Origin of TD Jakes and Diddy Video

Who is TD Jakes?

Thomas Dexter Jakes was born on 9th June 1957, in South Charleston, West Virginia. He became pastor of the Greater Emanuel Temple of Faith in 1982 when he was 25 years old. In 1995, he opened his publishing house and published books. Jakes is the founder of The Potter’s House. It was established in Dallas, Texas, and Jake has been associated with a lot of TV shows. He also officiated a lot of ceremonies for celebrities. 


In today’s article, TD Jakes and Diddy Videowe have provided details related to the most searched topic in America recently. Netizens are in complete disbelief and do not want to accept that this can be true. Their most loved Preacher can be involved in such disgraceful acts. But the scandalous parties of Diddy say something else. If you wish to know more about TD Jakes, click here and visit his Wikipedia page

Do you know about TD Jakes’s’s scandal? Please comment on your views on TD Jakes.

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