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Taylor Swift Prologue 1989 Leak: Details On Instagram Updates, Version And Vault Tracks Leaked

This post describes Taylor Swift Prologue 1989 Leak and also updates about 1989 Leak and Instagram updates. Please read the details.

Are you a die-hard fan of Taylor Swift? Did you go through the prologue from her 1989 album? Recently, the updates on Taylor Swift Prologue 1989 Leak are making Taylor a more renowned singer nowadays. People and her fans have been discussing her sensuality for a long. These updates are trending in the United States and Canada. So, today we will update you regarding the trending updates on the leaked Prologue. 

About Taylor Swift Prologue 1989 Leak! 

As per online sources, Taylor Swift has always been in controversy for her sensuality. Recently, the prologue of her album, 1989 has been leaked in which she can be seen focussing on her career, and female friends. The statement made some assumptions in the fan’s mind.

1989 Taylors Version Prologue

The prologue of the 1989 album of Taylor Swift has been leaked recently. The prologue discusses the singer’s companionship with her female friends. She says that she had been strictly hanging out with her female friends. 

Taylor Swift Updates Instagram

As per sources, Taylor Swift has always been a superstar for her fans. Her IG account has 7 million followers and she has posted pictures from her last tour. She is also trending with Trevis Kelce as they were seen in Kansas City together.

Taylor Swift 1989 Leak

As per online sources, the prologue of the 1989 has leaked on several sites. The accurate words of this prologue are easily available on online sites. Taylor has been committed to her female friends as she believed that people would not imagine any sensuality between her and her female friends. However, the 1989 Taylors Version Prologue also revealed the thoughts of Taylor Swift on being LGBTQ. She said that she does not hang out with male friends as people could imagine them sharing a bed as per sources. So, to avoid all these things she had been committed to hanging out with females.

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1989 Vault Tracks Leaked

As per sources, the 1989 album is also to be released on October 27, 2023. However, its prologue has been leaked on several online sites. You can find the prologue on many online sites as she shares her dating life and hang out with her female friends. Taylor Swift Updates Instagram show that she is trending along Kelce. However, there are some other rumors that Taylor Swift might be dating Karlie Kloss as they both have been together many times. Both became friends in 2013 and their friendship is getting strong due to which people assumed that they both may be dating as some hints are coming from 1989 Vault Tracks Leaked

Moreover, we did not share the prologue with the readers as it would not be good. You can go through the prologue once the album is released officially. 

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Summing up this post, we discussed everything on the latest updates related to the leaked prologue from the 1989 Album. However, the album is out now so you can check the album on her official channel.

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DISCLAIMER: We gave updates on Taylor Swift’s album after researching it online. We do not intend to comment on anyone’s sensuality or personal life. This is an informative post.  

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