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{Uncensored} Tasnim Ayesha Viral Link Telegram: Details On Tiktok Star Drive Link Video

Tasnim Ayesha Viral Link Telegram explains the TikTok star and the Drive link video that is trending online.

Do you know about Tasnim Ayesha? The news of Bangladeshi college student Tasnim Ayesha made waves in Bangladesh and other nations like Malaysia and India. Online, a few Tasnim Ayesha pictures and videos became viral and quickly gained widespread popularity. However, some additional controversial rumors regarding Tasnim Ayesha’s passing have been making the rounds lately. Let’s read the article Tasnim Ayesha Viral Link Telegram to find out the real story.

Tasnim Ayesha Viral Link Telegram 

 A Dhaka City College girl named Tasnim Ayesha had a few intimate films and pictures released in September 2023 by an unidentified source. The images featured explicit material with Tasnim Ayesha, while the videos featured private moments involving Tasnim with a boy.

In the country of Bangladesh, Dhaka University is a well-known university. Nevertheless, the university’s standing was called into doubt once the Tasnim Ayesha Viral Links Drive became viral. Tasnim Ayesha is a bright young woman studying at university. However, people from Bangladesh began chatting over her popular video. Tasnim Ayesha’s feelings and image were damaged by this widely shared Tiktok Star Tasnim Ayesha Viral Drive Link Video.

What is the name of the boy that is shown in the viral video?

As per sources, Muntasir Billah is a teenage boy who was shown in the viral clip having an intimate relationship with Tasnim Ayesha. Others claim that Tasnim Ayesha’s lover is Muntasir Billah. However, another asserted that Tasnim Ayesha’s best buddy is Muntasir Billah. Therefore, it is still unclear how Tasnim Ayesha as well as Muntasir Billah are related.

Where was the video first shared?

The widely popular clip of Tasnim Ayesha with Muntasir Billah was shared on the Telegram account. Tasnim Ayesha Viral Link Telegram spread among the various people. In addition to seventy-six photos of Tasnim Ayesha, the Telegram community the people shared two explicit films of Tasnim Ayesha as well as Muntasir Billah.

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Do you know the name of the group that uploaded the video?

The @setv98 Telegram channel uploaded Tasnim Ayesha’s Telegram Hyperlink with no approval. The Telegram group reportedly shared a link so that anyone could quickly view the private films and pictures of Tasnim Ayesha & Muntasir Billah, based on certain sources. People doing this with permission from the concerned person is totally unfair. Posting such videos to gain subscribers is not the right way. Tiktok Star Tasnim Ayesha Viral Drive Link Video became a hot topic in various places.


Name: Tasnim Ayesha

Short Name: Ananna

Age: 21 years

Height: 5’2’’

Career: Influencer and Model

College: Dhaka City College

What is the other news that was released about Tasnim Ayesha?

Someone shared Tasnim Ayesha’s committing suicide announcement during the final days of September. The information caused quite a bit of controversy among the people in Bangladesh. People who knew Tasnim Ayesha were shocked to know of Tasnim’s death. Tasnim Ayesha Viral Link Telegram spread on various social media platforms.      

Is Tasnim’s death real or fake?

The Tasnim Ayesha suicide rumor, however, is untrue. Tasnim Ayesha is safe and alive. As per sources, the Television picture card was purposefully duplicated in order to spread false information about Tasnim Ayesha’s death. That fictitious picture card claimed Tasnim Ayesha killed herself at home. False information said that Tasnim Ayesha committed herself by hanging herself when the outrage around her viral photo went viral. Tiktok Star Tasnim Ayesha Viral Drive Link Video details are explained on the page.


In Conclusion, we shall politely request our viewers not to search for Tasnim Ayesha internet sensations. We ought not to harm anyone’s standing in society. The news of her death is fake. She is alive and safe. Kindly give up looking for the popular Tasnim Ayesha videos. Know more about Tasnim by clicking this link.

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