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Target Boycott Twitter: Why Target Boycott Growing in 2023? What Meme Are Rolling? Check Facts Now!

The article highlights all the details related to Target Boycott Twitter and why people share various memes online.

Have you seen recent posts on Twitter where people are urging you to boycott Target? Do you know the recent controversy that led people in the United States to share memes? The memes have taken over Twitter due to their LGBTQ merchandise, and people are furious with their special collection category for the community.

We will discuss in this article why Target Boycott Twitter is trending all over the internet. Stay tuned to know the complete details.


Disclaimer-We do not intend to hurt the sentiments and feelings of people associated with the news. Also, we are not in the support of these boycott incidents. The information provided here is extracted from online sources.

Why are target boycotts trending on Twitter?

People have landed on Twitter with hashtag boycott target means due to their special category of merchandise collections for the LGBTQ community. They thought the brand promoted children’s clothing and merchandise, but the truth was something else. The debate has grown to the next level, and the brand said it is planning a short sum of its merchandise that includes clothing to celebrate the annual Pride month, which has been going on for over a decade.

The designer Erik Carnell also received many threats. In a statement released on May 24, the company said that some items from their Store had been removed after they experienced severe threats that may have impacted their team members for their safety and well-being.

Details of Target Boycott 2023

Social media users have also supported the brand, and they are in support of the company. However, they have criticized the brand for listening to the protesters and their threats and removing certain items from their range. Many people have also backlashed the protesters, and they have called out for sanity and peace. 

These kinds of protests are not very rare regarding supporting the LGBTQ community. The boycott began in April after people came across the merchandise the brand sold in their stores.

Boycott Target Meme 

People on Twitter hit the company with several means concerning their issue with the brand’s merchandise, leading to boy quotes and various threatening messages to the designer. The memes spread on Twitter clearly show an attempt to boycott the Store everywhere.

After the companies found out that they had been receiving hatred from people, they planned to settle down by removing some of the items from their Stores that hurt the sentiments of people. The company has not mentioned the list of items they are planning to remove, but they are evaluating which items to remove from this Store. No statement have been put out from the LGBTQ+ community.

Target Boycott Growing Debate

As mentioned, the boy quotes protest started in April and has gained popularity. The debate rose to another level when a swimsuit which people thought to be a children’s swimsuit, was only available in large sizes, and we are made for the LGBTQ community. People of America are still not educated about the special community, so they have been backlashing the company.

The Minneapolis store has confirmed that they have experienced threats that have impacted the team members, and they are scared while being at work. Some of the company’s stores have moved the merchandise display to the back of the Store, concerning the backlash they received from the customers.

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The protesters have managed to pull down some of the merchandise from the Target store, but it is not an achievement, and it shows a lack of sanity in people and hit redness towards these LGBTQ communities. The sudden protest shocked many people, and some are still searching for the complete news, which is available online, and people can go through them.

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Target Boycott Twitter– FAQs

Q1. Why is the target boycott trending?

Target boycott standing due to the introduction of some merchandise for LGBTQ people.

Q2. Since when did the boycott start?

April 2023.

Q3. What is meant by pride month?

Pride month is a full-day celebration of 30 days for the LGBTQ community.

Q4. Who is the CEO of Target?

Erik Carnell.

Q5. Who is the CEO of GLAAD?

Sarah Kate Ellis.

Q6. Why is the LGBTQ community celebrated?

They are celebrated to fight for equality.

Q7. Where are the protesters from?

They are from the United States.

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