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Target Black Friday Scam – Read Reviews!

The article elaborates in detail on Target Black Friday Scam. Know about the ongoing trend in many countries to save yourself. 

Have you heard about the Black Friday scam? Do you know what has happened in Target? Target Black Friday Scam is trending after a girl on TikTok exposed the retail company. People from the United States and other countries are not aware of this ongoing scam by the Target company. The company is offering the products in sales due to the Black Friday sale. Know what scam is going on in Target black Friday sales.

Target Black Friday Scam

The black Friday sales are going on in Target retail company. The company is providing the products in sales. The company was recently exposed by a girl on TikTok. A girl on TikTok with username @djdowneygirl. The girl’s name is DeJay Downey. She made a TikTok video to reveal the Target Black Friday Scam in which she revealed the original price of the product she found in the store. The sale price of the item she has shown is the same as the original price of the item. She has shown the whole experiment in her TikTok video. Her video has received 2.8 million likes and 33 million views. 

Are Target Black Friday Deals a scam? 

As exposed by the girl on TikTok, the Target Black Friday sale is a scam. In her video, she took a 75-inch TV from Samsung company that has a black Friday sale price card of $649.99. Then she pulled out the original price from the behind Black Friday sales price card. The price on the sale price card was the same as the price on the original price card. This how how the girl proved the Target Black Friday Deals scam retail store.

She then moved to another product which is a Samsung TV 65 inch that is $429.99. She applied the same technique in their television as well. When she compared the sale gift card and the original gift card the price was the same. 

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Target Black Friday Reviews

The black Friday sales were reviewed by TikTok. The video of DeJay has spread all over the internet and people have become aware of the ongoing scam. She went to the store and exposed the retail company. People on Twitter have reviewed the scam of this store. Many people have reacted to the video of the girl who exposed the store. People found the video of the girl legitimate and the scam of Target Black Friday was revealed to everyone. People on Twitter have reposted the video of the girl who is going viral.

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In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here Target Black Friday Reviews , the black Friday scam has looted many people. The girl DJ Downeygirl has exposed the company by revealing their black Friday sale scam. In a video, she showed the price offered by the company in the sale, and the original price of the product was the same. The company was fooling customers by writing the same sale price as well. You can visit this link to learn more details on Target black Friday sales.

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