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Tareas De .Com: Explore Legitimacy And Services Provided By Tareas de Punto Com, Also Check App Para Hacer Tareas

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Tareas de .com, a website having a good trust index but redirects users to unauthentic websites.

Are you interested in importing study material and coloring apps for kids? Instead of using a computer, mobile applications have made it easy for everyone to access apps for kids. is a popular website in PeruMexico, and Colombia

Do you know what services TareasDe provides? Do you know if TareasDe is an authentic website? Let’s scrutinize all the facts to know about the legitimacy of Tareas de .com.


About TareasDe .com:

TareasDe is a long-standing website hosting link for importing modified (MOD) applications and games. It also serves as a knowledge base, providing information about educational topics. TareasDe included links from more than 250 apps and games. 

The mission statement of TareasDe mentioned that users could find applications for solving mathematical problems. There are a few applications related to maths, but most apps are related to tutorials for theme-based coloring apps. 

Under the banner of games, several geographical and knowledge-based applications were included. Furthermore, most of the applications are related to App Para Hacer Tareas (homework apps) and kids.

TareasDe redirects the users to and to import .apk files for Android apps and games. Therefore, apps related to other mobile applications, such as iOS, Windows mobile OS, Etc., were not present on TareasDe. and offered .apk files in a compressed .zip format that can be imported as a single file.

The features of was registered on 29th-April-2017 in Denver, CO, USA. It is a 5-years, 9-months, and 13-days old website. TareasDe was last updated on 28th-April-2022, indicating business continuity. Tareasde .Com will expire within 2-months and 20-days on 29th-April-2023.

TareasDe used paid services of Domain Protection Services Inc to hide the identity and contact details of its owners. Moreover, TareasDe did not mention its terms of usage, cookies policy, customer service contact information, privacy policy, FAQs, and physical address.

The legitimacy of

As does not sell products and services, returns, exchanges, and refunds are not applicable. Hence, gained an excellent 100% trust score. As payment transactions are also not applicable, gained an above-average 64.9% business ranking. 

As an old website, Tareas de Punto Com has a low 16% suspicion score. Henceforth, TareasDe is not blacklisted. TareasDe gained a poor 14/100 domain authority, a low visitor count, and a zero Alexa ranking. TareasDe uses a secured HTTPS protocol. Its IP has a low Domain Validated SSL Certificate for the next 56-days. Reviews:

TareasDe does not support customer reviews and blogging on its platform. On Facebook, it has more than 16K followers. Three Facebook reviews rated TareasDe 5-stars. A few YouTube reviews about TareasDe’s content were positive. No user reviews about TareasDe were present on customer review sites and elsewhere on the internet.

Social media links for Tareas de .com:


Though TareasDe has good trust, business scores and a low suspicion profile, any application and game developers do not authorize it to host (or) provide links to their files. Further, the trust score of and is low. Hence, the imported files may contain malware and threats holding security risks for users’ PII, payment data, and devices. Hence, seems not trustworthy.

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Tareas de .com – FAQ

1Q. Who is the ISP for

Google LLC, USA.

2Q. Who is the registrar of Inc.

3Q. uses how many servers?

Four servers, including,,, and

4Q. In what language is available?


5Q. Did include its social media links?


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