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Taraja Ramsess Wife: Stuntman Wikipedia Details! More Info On Kids, Instagram, Family, Obituary!

Taraja Ramsess Wife shared the death of her Stuntman husband and Kids. Netizens started searching for his Wikipedia, Instagram, Family, and Obituary details.

Do you know who Taraja Ramsess’s wife is? The famous Marvel Stuntman, Taraja Ramsess recently passed away in a fatal car accident. This heartbreaking news stunned the Worldwide citizens. Taraja Ramsess’s wife informed about the tragic death of Taraja.

The news was so shocking that people from all over the world started searching for Taraja Ramsess Wife to learn more details about the accident. Read the article to find answers to your questions.

What did Taraja Ramsess Wife say?

Taraja Ramsess’s wife, Lisa Ann Wilson, informed the tragic death of Taraja. On 31 October 2023, on the occasion of Halloween, Marvel Stuntman Taraja Ramsess lost his life during a devastating car crash. The incident happened in Atlanta.

According to Lisa Ann Wilson, Stuntman Taraja Ramsess was not alone during the fatal car crash. Taraja Ramsess was with his kids during the accident. So, unfortunately, Taraja Ramsess lost his life with his children. According to some sources, a tractor-trailer had broken down on the street. Suddenly, Taraja Ramsess’s car lost its control, and it collided with the tractor-trailer.

Who were Taraja Ramsess Kids?

Taraja Ramsess and Lisa Ann Wilson had three children. Taraja Ramsess’s mother, Akili Ramsess, confirmed the death of her grandchildren. Taraja and Lisa had two daughters and a son. The death of the children made everyone speechless. Taraja Ramsess’s kids were

  1. 13-year-old daughter Sundari
  2. 10-year-old son Kisasi
  3. Eight weeks old daughter Fujibo

Is the Taraja Ramsess Instagram death news available?

The maximum number of renowned Instagram pages posted about the death news of Taraja Ramsess and his three children on Instagram. The shocking death news of Taraja Ramsess and his children left everyone speechless. You can also check our “Social Media Sites Links” section to see ordinary people’s reactions to Taraja Ramsess’s sudden death news.

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What did Taraja Ramsess Family say about this tragic incident?

The sudden death of Taraja Ramsess and his three children made his family members heartbroken. Taraja Ramsess’s mother, Akili Ramsess, posted about her son and grandchildren’s death on Instagram. She informed the media that Shazia, the three-year-old daughter of Taraja Ramsess, survived the accident.

Are there any Taraja Ramsess Obituary details available?

We have searched for the obituary details of Taraja Ramsess. However, we could not find any details. Taraja Ramsess’s family members have not revealed any details about Taraja Ramsess and his three children’s obituary. As it is not the correct time to ask for the obituary details of Taraja Ramsess, we need to wait until the family members of Taraja Ramsess reveal any details.

Taraja Ramsess Wikipedia:

Full Name  Taraja Ramsess 
Date of Birth  9 March 1982
Age at the time of death  41 years 
Birth Place  Atlanta, Georgia 
Cause of Death  Car accident 
Profession  Stuntman 
Wife’s Name  Lisa Ann Wilson 
Nationality  African-American 
Zodiac Sign  Pisces 
Net Worth  $2 million 

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The Final Discussion:

Taraja Ramsess Wife also survived the fatal car accident that happened on 31 October 2023. But Taraja Ramsess’s sudden death was a massive loss for Hollywood. Taraja Ramsess worked in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” “Avengers: Endgame,” and “Black Panther.” The entire nation is sad because of Taraja Ramsess and his three children’s death. Click here to watch the death news video of Taraja Ramsess.

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Disclaimer: We have created the article for only educational purposes. We do not spread rumors about anyone. The article is based on authentic information.

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