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[Uncensored] Tanya Byrd Head No Blur: Details On Bashid Holding His Mom Head No Blur

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Do you want to know about Tanya Byrd? Are you eager to know what happened to her? The incident involving Tanya Byrd has been viral across the Philippines and the United States.

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What did happen to Tanya Byrd?

Tanya Byrd was a 45-year-old woman killed by her son, Bashid Mclean, in 2013. The video of the incident has surfaced online recently. Bashid took a selfie holding his mother’s head after killing her. These photos disturbed many people and made them surprised as well. People criticize him after watching these images and videos. Everyone is shocked to see such a tragic scene in the video. Although the incident occurred in 2013, the images and videos have surfaced online recently. Bashid Mclean Photo has given rise to the controversy of such a heinous incident. 

How did Mclean Kill His Mother?

Bashid was the oldest son of Tanya. Bashid cut his mother’s body into several pieces and put them into a garbage bag. He dumped these parts into different places, including the Bronx and New York. After killing his mother, Bashid posed in front of the mirror to take a selfie, holding his mother’s decapitated head. Many of such photos were recovered from his mobile phone. These photos and videos grabbed people’s attention on social media platforms. First, these images were released on TikTok.

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Tanya Byrd Head No Blur

The images of holding the head of Tanya Byrd were not even blurred. It was clearly shown in the images. After watching such images and videos, different people have passed many harsh comments against Bashid. Some said it was the most inhuman act they had ever encountered. Another wrote that seeing the images of such gruesome acts is very disturbing. Some of them also claimed stringent punishment against the 25-year-old culprit. He was accused of murder, obstructing prosecution and possessing a dangerous weapon. Bashid killed his mother by stabbing her and cutting her body into pieces. Bashid Holding His Mom Head No Blur photos created controversy on the internet. These photos shook everyone on social media. These photos also grabbed the attention of many social media users. 

Why did Bashid Kill His Mother?

There are no clear details about the reason for killing his mother. People are trying to know the reason for such a murder. Even they are not aware of the reason for the murder. The original images of her murder surfaced online. People also shared these images on many platforms. Whatever the reason, the netizens cannot take the incident easily. The release of Tanya Byrd Head No Blur images has no clue about the reason for this murder. Although people are interested in the reason, no one has revealed it.

Family Members

People are interested to get the information about Tanya and Bashid. No one has given any detail about the incident. There are not many details regarding the other family members. People were very eager to know about the other family members. Many social media users are searching for clues about the family members of Bashid. However, they cannot find any information about the family members. Tanya Byrd Head No Blur photos have encouraged people to search for more details about the incident.

What Incite Bashid to Take Such Steps?

It has been reported that Bashid’s mother told him to leave her home and learn survival skills. Then he became angry and hit her. Later, he cut her body and put the pieces into a garbage bag. There is also a report that he was suffering from cerebral illness. Therefore, many people have requested the court to acquit him.

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Bashid has been sentenced to imprisonment after he was found guilty of killing his mother. Tanya Byrd Head No Blur photos proved that he has killed his mother. People are eager to know about more details about his family members. But there is no such information. To know more, please visit the link.

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