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[No Blur] Tanya Bird Photo: Details On Byrd Head Picture, And Murder

Our research on Tanya Bird Photo will let you know about the Murder case of Tanya Byrd. Please read.

Do you still remember the murder of Tanya Byrd? Many people might have forgotten this case, but this case is never old. Tanya Bird Photo keeps on circulating on different social media sites and due to this people in the United States keep on remembering this case. We will share some highlights of this case and how she died. So, kindly read this post to know more.

Read About Tanya Bird Photo

As per online sources, people are searching for Tanya Bird photos and murder cases, but they are mistaken as the correct spelling of her surname is wrong here. If you want to know about this murder case, the right keyword should be Tanya Byrd, and you will get the right results for the photos of Tanya Byrd which are trending on several social media sites. Her photos after she was killed were trending online. 

Tanya Bird Head

You may feel uneasy when you learn about the complete story of this murder case. A young man, Bahsid McLean killed his 45-year-old mother, Tanya Byrd. This incident happened a decade ago in February. Bahsid killed Tanya Byrd and slit her head and posed with the head of her mother. The pictures were shared online on sites like Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Tanya Byrd Picture

After the murder of Tanya Byrd, Bahsid posted pictures of her mother’s head as he was holding it in his hand and clicked the picture. These pictures were posted unburned on several sites, but many sites have removed them because they show disturbing graphics. Now, the blurred pictures are present on the social media.

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Tanya Bird Murder

As per online sources, Tanya Byrd was killed by her son in February 2013. She was stabbed to death and later Bahsid dismembered the body of the young lady into many pieces. Later, with the help of his friend, he disposed of the pieces in different locations in a garbage bag. The bag of pieces of the body came to light when a man walking with his dog found it.

Tanya Byrd Picture were shared on different sites by the people. Her head pictures were leaked on different social media sites. The incident was quite disturbing. 

Court’s judgment! 

As per online sources, the police handcuffed Bahsid and he was sent for trial. The court found him guilty of killing her mother and he was sentenced to life imprisonment. However, his attorney tried to defend him as he was considered some issues. Tanya Bird Head pictures were also found on his mobile phone and he confessed his crime. His attorney revealed that his punishment should be reduced as he was not well having some cerebral issue.


Summing up this research, we have informed the readers on the murder case of Tanya Byrd. It was one of the most terrifying murders in the history of murders as it took away the breath of the people. We will keep you updated on the latest updates related to this murder case. 

Were you shocked to know about the Tanya Bird Murder case? Kindly give your opinions on this murder case in the reply area below.

DISCLAIMER: We do not support any criminal activities rather we only intend to provide the facts based on the online sites. We shared details only for an informative agenda. We did not share  as they were disturbing. 

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