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Tangmo Nida Death Picture: What Cause of Death Has Been Revealed? Check Instagram Trending Updates Here!

In this article, you will see the Tangmo Nida Death Picture. Also, find every detail of her death mystery and personal life.

Do you want to see the death photo of Tangmo Nida? Do you want to know why people are circulating her picture on social media? Tangmo Nida is one of the finest celebrities in Thailand. She worked in many television shows and movies.

Recently a picture has been circulating Worldwide on multiple social media handles. Everyone is surprised by looking at the photo of her body. People are sentimental and want every detail of Tangmo Nida’s death. So they also want to see the Tangmo Nida Death Picture.


Disclaimer: All the details presented here are based on internet research and we are not promoting any fake news.

Why do people want to see the Tangmo Nida Picture?

The celebrity died on 24th February 2022, but recent social media posts significantly hindered the post. Looking at the innocence of a young actor, people want to know every detail of Tangmo Nida. Moreover, her death story is surprising and unbelievable for many people.

After that appreciation post of Tangmo Nida, everyone is giving tribute and circulating her photo on different social media platforms. People are also searching for her personal life and career stats to find every detail of Tangmo Nida’s contribution to her personal and professional life.

Cause of Death

As per the forensic report and police investigation, they finalised the statement that it was just an accident. But many people cannot believe that it can be an accident when six people are available in the same boat.

She travelled in a speed boat with her manager and five other people. She was having a photoshoot in the speedboat when the accident occurred. She fell from the speed boat and drowned in the water. Some people believe it was a murder, but the report does not verify the death as Murder.

What Happened that Day?

Looking at the Tangmo Nida Death Picture and police statements, the testimony says she was having a photo shoot at the speed boat. None of the passengers available in the boat had life jackets on. She went to use the washroom between the shoot, but it was not working. So Tangmo decided to pee on the back side of the boat in the river.

Suddenly she slipped from the boat and fell into the river. The people who found her missing shouted out loud but couldn’t find her. After that, they reported it to the police, and it took two days to find her body in the river.

Tangmo Nida Instagram and Biography

People are visiting the Instagram page of Tnagmo and sharing their condolences, writing RIP and love.

Full name Tangmo Patcharaveerapong
Date of birth 13 September 1984
Date of death 24 February 2022
Age 37
Nationality Thai
Husband Phakin Khamwilaisak
Profession Actress, Model, Singer, Racing driver
Education Bachelor’s Degree

Social Media



Wrapping up

People are searching for a picture of Tangmo Nida’s death. People are heartbroken and give love to the actor. So they are posting their condolences on every social platform with her picture.

What do you think, whether it is murder or suicide? Comment below.

Tangmo Nida Death Picture: FAQs

Q1 Where did the incident take place?

She died in the Chao Phraya River.

Q2 Who are the parents of Tangmo Nida?

Father: Sophon Patcharaveerapong

Mother: Panida Siriyudthayothin

Q3 Where does Tango Nida live?

Bangkok Thailand

Q4 What are the other professions of Tangmo despite being an actor?

Singer, Model, and Racing driver.

Q5 What was Tangmo doing on the speed boat?

He was working on her upcoming photoshoot.

Q6 What is Tangmo’s Cause of Death?

Accident, drowning in water.

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