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Tangmo Death Picture Reddit: Has The Cause of Death Revealed In Video? What Is Present In The Twitter Released Photo? Know Here!

This article will explain why people are circulating Tangmo Death Picture Reddit. Also, read more about her death.

Are you looking for the reason why Tangmo Nida died? Do you want to see her Reddit picture circulating online? Tigh celebrity Tangmo Nida also known as Pattaratida Patcharaveerapong, passed away on 24 February. People saw a body floating in the river and reported it to the police.

Worldwide everyone is in a dilemma why she died. Whether she tried to commit suicide or someone killed her. Additionally, the autopsy report didn’t verify any further information, but recently social media has been circulating Tangmo Death Picture Reddit.


Reddit Picture

Currently, people are circulating her photos of rescuing her body. People also share pictures of her as an actress. It is great to say that people are tributing her by sharing her picture and giving condolences even after a certain duration of her death.

The main purpose of circulating a picture is unknown from the initial beaches. Still, when people saw her picture going viral on Reddit, everyone started sharing her picture and giving condolences to the Thai actress Tangmo. Some reports say that how she fell into the river was not intentional.

Tangmo Cause of Death

According to the media and autopsy reports, everyone said she fell into the river accidentally. The incident took place on 24 February in the Chao Phraya River. He was riding on a speed boat with five other people. There was a rider who was 6th person on the boat. When police found out about this accident, they took everybody present on the boat in custody. 

During the investigation, the police couldn’t find any proper evidence or testimony against the people travelling in the boat being suspects for her Murder. Later there was no scar or bruises on her body that can say she was forcefully thrown into the river. The rescue Video made by the authority also examines that there was no sign of snatching or cuts that can help estimate that it was a murder.

Full name Nida Patcharaveerapong
Date of birth 13 September 1994
Age 37
Birthplace Thailand
Husband Ex- Husband Ken Kasper
Date of death 24 February 2022

So everyone thought it was just an accident in which a young actress Tangmo died. People are heartbroken by her miserable death. The suspicious part about her death is that a body was found two days after the incident. 

Twitter News

Lots of people are posting comments on Twitter mentioning that “I uploaded a photo of Tangmo on Reddit”. Love and condolences for the actress are still rising in people’s hearts, showing how much they are connected with Tangmo. You can find a few pictures of Tangmo on Twitter as well.

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Wrapping up!

Thai superstar Tangmo died on 24 February 2022 after falling into the Bangkok River from a speed boat. Everyone believes that it was just an accident. Recently a picture of Tangmo circulated on Reddit, indulging many social media accounts to share her picture and give tribute.

What do you think, whether it was an accident or Murder? Comment below.

Tangmo Death Picture Reddit: FAQs

Q1 What was Tangmo’s age when she died?

She was 37 years old.

Q2 Does the Tangmo have a boyfriend or fiance?

She was divorced from Ken Kasper.

Q3 Tangmo last worked in which movie or show?

The last Tangmo movie was “The Last Heroes.”

Q4 At what duration of the day did the Tangmo fall off the speed boat?

She fell from the speed boat at the time of dawn.

Q5 How many people are available in the boat beside Tangmo?

There versus people available in the boat.

Q6 Why are people circulating Photo of Tangmo?

To give tribute and so much love to the Tangmo Nida.

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