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Tan Chuan Jin Wife Lik Ling: What Is Tan Chuan Jin Religion? Also Find Information On Tan Chuan Jin Wife Picture, And Age

Tan Chuan Jin Wife Lik Ling will discuss the trending news of two of the People’s Action Party members and what happened.

Have you heard the breaking news of the parliament speaker of Singapore? Tan Chuan Jin, the speaker, resigned from his post and the party. What is the matter? How did the prime minister handle this situation? Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has addressed a press conference over the speaker’s resignation. The news has shocked members of the ruling political party and has been viral from Singapore to Malaysia.

For more detailed news, let us discuss Tan Chuan Jin Wife Lik Ling.


What is the latest news?

Prime Minister of Singapore announced the resignation of Tan Chuan Jin and Cheng Li Hui on Monday, 17 July 2023. Tan Chuan was a former member of the People’s Action Party and speaker of the parliament of Singapore, while Cheng Li Hui was a member of parliament for Tampines GRC and a former member of the People’s Action Party. According to the reports, they both were involved in an inappropriate relationship.

Is Tan Chuan Jin married?

After the news of the affair broke on the internet, people started searching for Tan Chuan Jin Wife Picture. For information, Tan Chuan Jin was married to Lik Ling. She was Tan Chuan’s longtime girlfriend, and they had been together for three decades. Despite this, a Singaporean former politician and brigadier-general had an affair.

What did the PM say while addressing the conference?

At a subsequent press conference, Prime Minister Mr. Lee said that the two had an “inappropriate relationship,” they continued despite warning to end it. Tan Chuan is married and has two kids, while Ms. Cheng is unmarried yet. He learned about Tan Chuan Jin Affair with Cheng after the 2020 General Election. Most recently, in February, the two were spoken for counseling, but they continued their relationship.

Tan Chuan Jin has had a successful and varied career. Tan Chuan Jin’s political career officially began in 2011 when he was chosen to represent the Marine Parade Group Representation Constituency as a Member of Parliament (MP). Before this, he served in the Singapore Army from 1987 until 2011, rising to the rank of Brigadier-General.


The information presented here is taken from trusted news reports online. Please note we don’t intend to defame any personality through our post.

How old is Tan Chuan Jin- Tan Chuan Jin Age?

Tan Chuan Jin was born on 10 January 1969 and is 54. While resigning, he said he had to take responsibility for what had gone wrong and help heal the family to recover from this phase. 

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The relationship between Tan Chuan and Lik Ling will impact after this news is yet to revealed. However, we appreciate how the prime minister has handled the whole situation. You can check the Lee Hsien Loong press conference here.

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Tan Chuan Jin Wife Lik Ling- FAQs

Q1. Is Tan Chuan Jin married?

Yes, the former speaker of parliament is married to Chuan Lik Ling.

Q2. Does he have any kids?

Chuan Jin has two kids.

Q3. Who is Tan in a relationship with?

Cheng Li Hui.

Q4. What is Tan Chuan Jin Religion?

He is following Christianity.

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