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Tan Chuan Jin Family Photo: Who Is Tan Chuan Jin Wife Photo? What is Cheng LI Hui Marital Status? Know About Cheng LI Hui Father & Other Details Here!

The article focuses on all the related information about Tan Chuan Jin Family Photo and the latest revelations about him and his relationship.

Have you heard of Tan Chuan? Do you know the reason why he is trending online? People from Singapore are talking about his latest decision to resign from the party, which became a viral sensation worldwide. People are also eager to know details about his family, and they are searching for the family photo online.

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Details of Tan Chuan Family

Tan Chuan Jin is the speaker of parliament, and he recently came into Limelight with his relationship with Cheng Li Hui, the MP of the People’s Action Party. Their affair is the most discussed online, and his family photo is gathering all the attention. The news of his relationship became viral, and reports suggest Tan is married and has two children.

Cheng LI Hui Marital Status

As for the marital status, we already know that Tan Chuan is married and has two children, including a daughter and a son. Cheng Li Hui is a businesswoman and a formal politician who is unmarried. Her extramarital affair with Tan Chuan is the most discussed topic online, and people are debating their relationship, knowing that the latter is married.

Who Is Tan Chuan Jin Wife Photo?

After people came across the news of Tan Chuan and Cheng Li Hui’s relationship, they searched for Tan’s wife’s photo online. We came across only a few pictures online, and through those pictures, we learned that her name is Lik Ling, and she was born in Singapore. 

Who is Cheng LI Hui Father?

Buck Poh Cheng is the father of Cheng Li Hui. He is the founder and the executive chairman of Leck Holdings. We have not found any more personal details about her family, and we only know that his father is a chairman and board member of six other companies.

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The relationship status of Tan Chuan and Cheng Li Hui has caught people’s attention, and they are eager to find the family details of both people. Those eager to know more about their career and personal life can visit online websites. 

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Tan Chuan Jin Family Photo-FAQs

Q1. Why is Tan Chuan trending online?

Tan Chuan has become the topic of discussion due to his extramarital relationship.

Q2. Who is his partner?

Cheng Li Hui.

Q3. Is Tan Chuan married?


Q4. Who is Tan Chuan’s wife?

Lik Ling.

Q5. Does Tan Chuan have children?

Yes, he has two children.

Q6. Did he resign from his post?


Q7. What is Tan Chuan’s age?

He is 54 years old.

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